Elizabeth Corrigan shares a sweet message with The Bachelor viewers after elimination

Elizabeth Corrigan
Elizabeth Corrigan takes to Instagram following her elimination on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

If you have been watching The Bachelor at all this season, then you know about the drama between Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan and the torment Shanae has caused Elizabeth.

While Shanae has been condemned by Bachelor Nation over and over the past four episodes, Clayton has kept her around as a woman still vying for his heart on the show.

Elizabeth Corrigan releases a statement about being right where she was meant to be on The Bachelor

Elizabeth has now taken to her Instagram page and revealed she has found out the reason she was meant to be on The Bachelor, and it was not to find love with Clayton.

Elizabeth started her post and said, “I began this season with a simple photo of my great grandparents and one question in my heart. What serendipity had brought me to meet this man? I now have my answer.”

She continued and acknowledged that although Clayton was not the man for her, she has been “left still searching for my final rose I did find love in all of you, especially in the neuro-divergent community who has surrounded me in a blanket of their love and support.”

Elizabeth Corrigan is supported by the neuro-divergent community

The neuro-divergent community Elizabeth has spoken about in her post is in regards to her ADHD diagnosis…the ADHD that Shanae mocked, shamed, and degraded Elizabeth for having.

Elizabeth reflected back to her time at the mansion, as she declared her “sleepless nights spent staring at the ceiling in the mansion, the torments, the attacks, the bullying, the gaslighting, the physical abuse, the not being believed…have all been worth it.”

As she continued to talk to her supporters and the neuro-divergent community, she thanked them for sharing their stories with her and for allowing her to be seen and change her life for the better.

She commented and said, “Thank you for seeing me,” as she went on to tell her story about being in school and having to deal with her ADHD and sensory processing issue.

Elizabeth talked about having to leave classes to take medicine and leave school early for occupational therapy. She went on to say that kids would make fun of her when she would leave because it was “different.”

As an adult, she has also had to deal with anxiety on top of the ADHD, which has been just another thing in her life she has had to overcome.

Elizabeth Corrigan’s advice for her fans

Elizabeth reached out to her viewers and fans and said, “The biggest advice I can give to you as a woman and as a friend is to believe in yourself, believe in your intuition-it is strong, it is powerful and it KNOWS. Listen to those around you who love and support you, and drown out those that do not, they are facing their own battles.”

She ended by saying, “Know that at the end of the day no matter who or what you are facing, YOU get to decide how to react YOU get to decide at that moment who you will be. Choose integrity. Choose respect. Choose yourself. All my love, Elizabeth.”

As Elizabeth stated, there is always a serendipitous reason for everything, even if you don’t see it at that moment.

Bachelor Nation, don’t let those “Shanae’s” in your life get you down, or get in your head.

Find your support system, take the higher road, and choose yourself…Every. Single. Time.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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