Elizabeth Corrigan said she’s happy The Bachelor aired Shanae Ankney’s bullying

elizabeth corrigan
The Bachelor’s Elizabeth Corrigan is glad the Shanae Ankney drama started a conversation about bullying. Pic credit: ABC

Elizabeth Corrigan is once again taking the high road in the fallout from her appearance on The Bachelor.

The contestant revealed how she really felt about ABC airing the Shanae Ankney drama and doubled down on using the opportunity to educate her followers.

Elizabeth opened up again in an Instagram Q&A about her show feud with season villain Shanae Ankney and how she feels about watching it back.

Elizabeth Corrigan says she’s glad the Shanae Ankney drama started a conversation

“Thoughts on ABC making this ok and not removing her/saying something about bullying?!” one fan asked in an Instagram DM.

“Really I don’t know if I should answer this but I’m going to,” Elizabeth said. “I am happy that they showed it because if they didn’t, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, right? And it’s a conversation that needs to happen.”

Elizabeth Corrigan Instagram
Pic credit: @ecorrigan5280/Instagram

Although Elizabeth clearly had a rocky time on the show, she’s continued to take advantage of the dramatic storyline to educate her fans and followers about mental health and ADHD.

She also has been clear about discouraging bullying of any kind, even toward her show nemesis, Shanae, and said she hopes she can be a model for others.

When asked how she remained calm in heightened situations, Elizabeth was open about her own struggles to react in a positive way.

 “I haven’t always reacted in those ways and I’m probably not always going to react in those ways,” she said. “But I knew that people I really cared about were watching and people would look and maybe see me as an example, and it felt important.”

Elizabeth Corrigan Instagram
Pic credit: @ecorrigan5280/Instagram

Elizabeth Corrigan hasn’t spoken to Shanae Ankney since the show

Both Bachelor Clayton Echard and the show itself have received backlash from the audience this week after Elizabeth was dumped in favor of Shanae. Viewers were also outspoken about how Shanae’s continued attacks on Elizabeth’s ADHD were handled.

Even though Elizabeth has previously spoken up to discourage her fans from sending hate to Clayton and Shanae, it appears she’s still keeping her distance from her fellow contestant.

When asked if she had talked to Shanae since the show, Elizabeth answered with the popular sound, Hell to Da Naw Naw Naw, over a video of her shaking her head.

Elizabeth Corrigan Instagram
Pic credit: @ecorrigan5280/Instagram

Shanae appears to dominate next week’s episode as well, as she continues to alienate herself from the rest of the women in the house.

Viewers won’t get to see Elizabeth on the show again after she was dumped this week, however the two women will face off again on the Women Tell All special.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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