Elizabeth Corrigan warns Shanae Ankney that she’ll be spilling tea at the Women Tell All

Elizabeth Corrigan in a dress
Elizabeth Corrigan teases having lots of tea to spill. Pic credit: ABC

Elizabeth Corrigan’s journey on The Bachelor may have come to an end, but she still intends to have the last word when it comes to her feud with Shanae Ankney. 

After her disappointing elimination in the recent episode, Elizabeth took to social media to warn Shanae of the juicy tea she plans to divulge when she makes her return on the Women Tell All. 

Elizabeth Corrigan teases spilling tea at the Women Tell All 

For the past few episodes, Shanae Ankey and Elizabeth Corrigan have been at the center of The Bachelor drama. 

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Shanae and Elizabeth’s beef appeared to have all stemmed from Shanae’s insecurity over Elizabeth not making eye contact with her during an off-camera conversation and boiled up into drama that has impacted Clayton and the whole house. 

After playing rough during group dates, arguing over shrimp, and, worst of all, attacking neurodivergent disorders, Shanae still managed to earn Clayton’s sympathy and get Elizabeth sent home, leaving the Bachelor viewers and The Bachelorette Season 18 star Nayte Olukoya shocked. 

Elizabeth seems to not want to go down without a fight, and her recent tweet suggests she’ll have a lot to say when she’s back on television for the Women Tell All. 

Elizabeth tweeted her warning about Shanae and made reference to Shrimpgate by writing, “Shanae seems to like my shrimp so much…wait til she tries my tea” with a teacup emoji. 

Elizabeth also included the hashtag #womentellall, implying the Women Tell All is where she plans to spill the tea. On her IG story, Elizabeth added a cozy tea icon to the post to further emphasize the tea she intends to share. 

Elizabeth Corrigan tweet and IG story
Pic credit: @ecorrigan5280/Instagram

Elizabeth Corrigan thanks everyone who showed her love and support 

Tell Alls within The Bachelor franchise are known to get messy and filled with drama, and it seems Elizabeth is fully prepared to air out all her issues with Shanae and perhaps even reveal more behind-the-scenes details that might paint Shanae in an even more negative light. 

While Elizabeth seemed focused on spilling tea in her tweet about Shanae, she has also shared more personal and heartfelt messages since her elimination.

Elizabeth thanked Bachelor Nation for all their love and support after opening up about her ADHD. 

Elizabeth’s parting words after her journey on The Bachelor came to an end included a message to, “Choose integrity. Choose respect. Choose yourself.” 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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