Hannah Brown opens up more about her own ADHD struggles in new morning routine video

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown has expressed how it feels to have ADHD. Pic credit: ©

Former lead of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, has made a video showing fans how she feels each morning as she deals with having and managing her ADHD.

Although a serious topic and issue, Hannah tries to lighten the mood by poking some fun at herself as well after recently revealing her own diagnosis as the drama heats up this season on The Bachelor due to another contestant revealing her own ADHD journey.

How does Hannah Brown manage having ADHD?

As Hannah expresses in her video, which she titles: “My (actual) morning routine ft. adhd,” her mind is constantly thinking about something else, the next thing she has to, or a task she forgot about.

She moves from place to place in her house, forgetting all about enjoying the cup of tea she poured for herself at the very beginning of the video.

After Hannah pours her tea, she decides to eat a banana and then moves to scroll through her phone, before deciding to watch some TV.

As she is relaxing and watching a show, she remembers something, and she then heads to her laptop.

From her laptop working, a light bulb suddenly goes off, and she recalls, Oh yes, my tea is waiting for me back in the kitchen. I forgot to drink it!

At the top of her video, she captions it, “Who relates to this?” with an emoji of a girl with blonde hair raising her hand, as if to say, Me! I do!
Hannah Brown finds light in having ADHD and dealing with it each day. Pic credit: @hannahbrownupdates/Instagram

As she shows fans and viewers the inside and outs of having ADHD and what all that entails, she is also ok with laughing at herself, too.

This seems like Hannah’s personality as we know it, though…always trying to find the light-heartedness, or the positive, in every situation.

Hannah supports current Bachelor contestant, Elizabeth Corrigan

Hannah Brown has been seen and heard lately, coming out to support Elizabeth Corrigan, one of the contestants from Clayton Echard’s current season of The Bachelor.

Bachelor Nation fans were mortified as they watched another contestant on the show, Shanae Ankney, making fun of Elizabeth and ridiculing her because she has ADHD.

Shanae “was slammed for mocking Elizabeth’s ADHD diagnosis” and suffered a great deal of backlash for the comments from viewers, fans, and Bachelor alum alike.

Hannah Brown is just one of these Bachelor Nation alums to take a stand and defend Elizabeth.

She addressed what took place on the show and sided with Elizabeth, while also talking about the fact that she, herself, suffers from ADHD and all that comes with it.

While Hannah knows the significance and trials of her diagnosis, making light of her situation is a way that she feels can put a positive spin on the subject at hand.

The Bachelor returns Monday, January 24, 2022, at 8/7c on ABC.

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