Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown shows her support for Elizabeth Corrigan, ‘I also have ADHD’

Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown is the latest member of Bachelor Nation to rally behind Season 26 contestant, Elizabeth Corrigan. Pic credit: ABC

Season 26 contestant Elizabeth Corrigan is getting a lot of support following her tense exchange with Shanae Ankney on The Bachelor and former Bachelorette Hannah Brown is the latest Bachelor Nation alum to join the conversation.

The latest episode of the reality dating series depicted Elizabeth vulnerably opening up about her ADHD on a group date, only for it to be weaponized against her by a fellow contestant.

“We’ve had this conversation before,” the former Miss Alabama said of her boyfriend while watching the show on her Instagram stories. “I also Shanae-nay have ADHD.”

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Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown shows her support for Season 26 contestant, Elizabeth Corrigan

Documenting that it was her first time watching The Bachelor with her boyfriend, Adam Woolard, the Season 15 lead detailed how it brought up an important conversation.

Explaining that she and her boyfriend have had similar discussions in the past regarding her ADHD, the 27-year-old described if she’s in a crowded room full of people, even her boyfriend won’t get her attention as she’s hyperfocused on one person.

Re-sharing the former Bachelorette’s video to her followers, Elizabeth thanked Hannah for a message.

Season 26 contestant Elizabeth Corrigan shares former Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s message with her followers. Pic credit: @ecorrigan5280/Instagram

Hannah Brown wasn’t the only alum to show support. As major proponents for mental health, Bachelor in Paradise star Joe Amabile and The Bachelorette host, Kaitlyn Bristowe also sent their well-wishes.

What happened to Elizabeth Corrigan on Week 2 of The Bachelor?

Week two of The Bachelor proved to be drama-filled for several reasons. However, what garnered the heaviest response was the controversy surrounding Season 26 contestants Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan.

Clearly jealous of Clayton’s attention toward Elizabeth on the second group date of the season, Shanae told the former NFL player that she felt she was being “shunned” by the real estate advisor and went on to call her “two-faced.”

After being made aware of Shanae’s claims, Elizabeth and Shanae shared a very personal conversation in which Elizabeth vulnerably explained her ADHD. She described that with ADHD, the neurological disorder required her to focus on one thing, which may have led to Shanae feeling “shunned.”

Dismissing her, Shanae went off to minimize her claims as she compared her to a child.

Since the airing of the tumultuous episode and outpour of support, Elizabeth has taken to Instagram to teach people how they should react when someone shares they have a mental illness.

Emphasizing being a good person, she made sure to list “never weaponize it.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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