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Elizabeth Corrigan responds to viewers’ questioning ‘why she lied about the hot tub’

Elizabeth Corrigan
Elizabeth Corrigan attempts to clear her name surrounding the hot tub scandal. Pic credit: ABC

Elizabeth Corrigan has had to deal with a lot of drama surrounding shrimp and hot tubs on The Bachelor Season 26. 

While Bachelor Nation has predominantly taken Elizabeth’s side in her feud with The Bachelor villain Shanae Ankney, Elizabeth has had to defend herself after some viewers found her to be deceitful. 

With some calling Elizabeth out, she recently used her platforms to clarify just what happened in the hot tub. 

Elizabeth Corrigan addresses the hot tub controversy on The Bachelor

The latest episode of The Bachelor Season 26 saw Shanae and Elizabeth arguing over their exchange, or lack thereof, by the hot tub. 

Shanae claimed that she offered all the women shrimp by the hot tub but they ignored her because Elizabeth was around and the girls allegedly tend to gang up on Shanae when Elizabeth is present. 

Elizabeth was adamant that Shanae’s retelling was inaccurate and she even declared that she wasn’t in the hot tub when Shanae was offering women shrimp. 

The silly Shrimpgate scandal led some hawk-eyed viewers to post receipts online that prove Elizabeth was in fact in the hot tub when Shanae came over to offer shrimp. 

During an AMA on her Instagram story, Elizabeth allowed fans to ask her questions and one of the questions she received read, “Why did you lie about the hot tub?” 

Elizabeth addressed this question first by sharing, “Here’s a great one to start with. So if you’ve been paying attention you know that I have auditory processing issues. One of the types of ADHD is inattentive, meaning that it’s hard to concentrate on multiple auditory inputs at the same time.”

Elizabeth further elaborated on the moment in the hot tub, saying, “You can see when she comes out, I’m engaged in a conversation and I can’t hear.” 

Elizabeth Corrigan IG story
Pic credit: @ecorrigan5280/Instagram

After catching wind of the photo circulating online that reveals her submerged in the hot tub, Elizabeth also sent out a tweet, writing, “I’m sorry…I must not have mentioned my auditory processing issues. Oh wait? I did. You must not have heard me.” 

Elizabeth Corrigan reveals whether she’s spoken to Shanae Ankney 

Hot tubs weren’t the only thing Elizabeth Corrigan discussed during her Ask Me Anything. 

Elizabeth also revealed that she has not spoken to Shanae since all this drama has unfolded. When asked, Elizabeth shook her head no and played Hell to Da Naw Naw Naw by Bishop Bullwinkle. 

Elizabeth Corrigan IG story
Pic credit: @ecorrigan5280/Instagram

Elizabeth also shared that she was diagnosed with ADHD in first grade, she was engaged in the past but her fiance cheated, and the first thing she asked for when Clayton sent her home was for him to return the photo she gave him of her grandparents on the first night. 

Now that Elizabeth is off the show, perhaps she’ll be able to put all this drama behind her…at least until the Women Tell All. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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