Elizabeth Corrigan pokes fun at rival Shanae Ankney in recent post

Elizabeth Corrigan
Elizabeth Corrigan questions who hurt Shanae Ankney as their feud ups the ante. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 feud between Elizabeth Corrigan and Shanae Ankney continues. 

Elizabeth and Shanae have gone back and forth this season as they beef over eye contact, unsportsmanlike conduct, and shrimp. 

Shanae was the first to take issue with Elizabeth and has appalled Bachelor Nation with the way she insensitively spoke of Elizabeth’s ADHD. 

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Now, it’s Elizabeth who is firing shots at Shanae in her latest post. 

Elizabeth Corrigan questions who hurt Shanae Ankney 

So far, Shanae’s issues with Elizabeth and accusations of bullying have appeared unfounded and one-sided. Elizabeth did make attempts to bury the hatchet with Shanae using shrimp, only for it to backfire, when Shanae inexplicably became even more competitive and upset. 

With many The Bachelor viewers scratching their heads as to why exactly Shanae has singled out Elizabeth, it seems Elizabeth shares that same confusion and is unaware of what she could have done to cause Shanae to target her. 

Elizabeth addressed this in her recent post that poked fun at Shanae. 

In the post, Elizabeth wears all black, gold jewelry and a bold red lip. Her outfit consists of a black New York Yankees baseball cap, a black top, and a black leather mini skirt.

Elizabeth poses for the photo by placing one hand on her knee and the other on the baseball cap as she looks directly into the camera lens. 

Elizabeth captioned the photo, “Looking for who hurt Shanae like…??” Elizabeth also included shrimp emojis in her caption after she and Shanae became involved in Shrimpgate on episode three of The Bachelor. 

Elizabeth and Shanae’s shrimp feud continues 

During the third episode of The Bachelor, Elizabeth and Shanae dealt with a silly scandal involving shrimp. 

Elizabeth made an oddly small amount of shrimp for the women in the house, and Shanae happily ate some, only to later feel competitive and make some shrimp of her own.

Shanae then became unhappy when she felt that Elizabeth and the other girls in the house ignored her when she tried to offer them shrimp.

The shrimp scandal was deemed Shrimpgate by Bachelor Nation, and it seems viewers are in for more shrimp-related drama between Elizabeth and Shanae as the season goes on. 

Time will tell if Shanae and Elizabeth will eventually make amends. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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