Shanae Ankney was ‘in the mood for shrimp’ after Shrimpgate on latest episode of The Bachelor

Shanae Ankney
Shanae Ankney gets petty in her latest shrimp-related post. Pic credit: ABC

Some people love leaning into their villainous reputation, and it seems The Bachelor Season 26 star Shanae Ankney is one of them. 

After a silly scandal involving shrimp on the latest episode of The Bachelor, Shanae was left craving even more. 

Shanae Ankney beefs with Elizabeth Corrigan after Shrimpgate 

Shanae Ankney has inexplicably made fellow contestant Elizabeth Corrigan her nemesis in the house as she continues to disrespectfully mock Corrigan’s ADHD and accuse her of being a mean girl. 

Elizabeth attempted to squash their beef with some shrimp, but it only made Shanae feel more upset and competitive. 

In a moment that Bachelor Nation has now nicknamed Shrimpgate, Elizabeth offered up some shrimp to the women in the house, which Shanae happily ate. 

However, Shanae then decided to one-up Elizabeth by making some shrimp of her own and passing it out to the women in the house, who apparently weren’t as appreciative as Shanae felt they should have been. 

The fishy feud between Shanae and Elizabeth continued and even leaked into their Bay Watch group date, where both women aired out their frustrations to Clayton during the night portion of the date. 

At this point in the season, Shanae and Elizabeth are still not on good terms, and it seems Shanae intends to keep their petty rivalry alive. 

Shanae took to Instagram to post a cheeky TikTok video in response to Shrimpgate.

Shanae documented her shrimp-making process in her post as she washes the shrimp, seasons it, and cooks it. 

Shanae then takes a seat in comfy clothing as she eats shrimp from her plate and grabs her remote. 

Shanae captioned the post, “Idk about you but tonight’s episode put me in the mood for shrimp!” She also added a purple devil emoji and a shrimp emoji.

Shanae appears unapologetic about her behavior and comments 

While Elizabeth Corrigan and even Clayton Echard have used their platforms to address Shanae’s insensitive comments, Shanae has been more focused on basking in her newfound infamy. 

Shanae has not directly come forward and apologized for her mockery of ADHD despite upsetting many viewers. Instead, she continues to highlight her supporters and those who find her to be entertaining on her Instagram stories. 

As Shanae continues to cause problems in the house and irritate viewers, time will tell if Clayton sends her home sooner rather than later. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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