Elizabeth Bice addresses ‘mean’ social media comments

Elizabeth Bice
Elizabeth Bice expresses her difficulty to understand why people feel compelled to cyberbully. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 9 star Elizabeth Bice has continued to be vocal about the negative aspects of social media comments and its mental impact.

In recent posts, Beth shared how she finds it challenging to comprehend why strangers all too often choose to be mean on social media.

Elizabeth Bice shares what bothers her about mean comments from strangers

Beth Bice took to her Instagram stories to reflect on the meanness of strangers. 

Beth wrote, “I’m still trying to understand the physiological mindset behind strangers commenting mean things on social media.”

Posing questions, Beth wrote, “Like what makes a person tick that way. Where does it come from. I’m not comprehending this in my brain. It’s part of my own life study…” 

Elizabeth Bice’s Instagram story
Pic credit: @justbeth_____/Instagram

In another post, Beth shared about how the mean comments don’t bother her as much now, but there’s something deeper that bothers her about the behavior.

Beth expressed, “They don’t bother me as much but what bothers me is the fact I don’t understand that side of humans.” 

Elizabeth Bice’s Instagram story
Pic credit: @justbeth_____/Instagram

Elizabeth Bice reacts to comments on her body and excessive pregnancy speculation

Recently, Beth aired out her thoughts on comments that bother her, specifically surrounding her body. 

Beth shared a photo where fans were able to see her stomach. The photo led several people to comment and question if Beth was pregnant.

With Beth not being pregnant, she found the speculative comments to be hurtful and even revealed that those comments make her not want to post photos of her body and even make her feel she should ‘go starve herself.’

However, keeping in true outspoken-Beth fashion, Beth has also clapped back at comments about her belly. 

In a post, Beth shared a photo of herself lounging on a set of stairs at night. Beth wore an off-the-shoulder brown sweater and jeans as she smiled at the camera and she captioned the photo, “Whoopsie, posted the wrong photo last time! Jamie deserved to have his best work displayed lol!!!! Just remember to always keep supporting your partner! Ps: not pregnant here either in case anyone needed to comment about my belly.” 

With Married at First Sight making Beth a public figure, it seems the comments and prying can sometimes be taxing and even hard to fathom and it appears Beth continues to study out the physiological reasoning behind mean comments. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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