Beth Bice reflects on her own table kick after Michaela raged on the last episode of MAFS.

MAFS Beth reminisces.
MAFS Season 8 Beth Bice reminisces. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight knows how to bring the drama and, although Season 13’s Michaela Clark took it to a whole new level on this week’s couples retreat, she is actually not the first MAFS alum we’ve seen move around the furniture when they got upset.

Beth Bice tells Michaela “I get it”

Season 8’s Beth Bice knows all too well the fan backlash that comes from major MAFS meltdowns. Speaking as someone who firsthand experienced it after her own coffee table karate kick awarded her and her MAFS husband Jamie their very own label of “Biggest Brawlers” in the Married at First Sight Hall of Fame episode.

Beth has been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt and now she’s here to tell Season 13’s Michaela Clark that she “gets it.”

In a post to her Twitter account, Beth jokes that Michaela has stolen her table kick title but that in Michaela’s defense, she gets that “sometimes you just need to kick something.”

Up until Michaela’s debut on the show, Beth had held the solo title of “table kicker” but Michaela’s full cabin rampage puts Beth’s table nudge to shame.

Despite all the backlash Michaela has received from fans, she has at least found a friend in Beth as she assures Michaela, “I get it.”

MAFS Beth tells Michaela she "gets it."
Pic credit: @justbeth246/Twitter

Married at First Sight meltdowns

In case you are a little fuzzy on the details, Beth Bice’s meltdown came following a group outing with the other Season 8 couples where Jamie, Beth’s MAFS husband, told her to “shut up” in front of the others. It proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back after the two’s multiple explosive fights throughout the season included both Jamie and Beth taking turns moving out of their shared apartment.

Finally, Beth seemed to have hit the wall as she exploded at Jamie while pushing over the coffee table and screaming “why did no one take up for me then? I’m sick of this” as she stormed out of the room.

It was one of the more dramatic moments MAFS had seen up to that point–and then came Michaela.

Michaela’s Category 5 hurricane puts Beth’s temper tantrum to shame as Michaela stormed through the couple’s retreat cabin, taking out ping pong tables, benches, and various other furniture as she went.

Michaela’s blow-up came after another incident earlier in the day where her MAFS husband, Zack, told her that marriage with her was a lot harder than he had anticipated and thought it would be best for them to call it quits on Decision Day then maybe revisit the relationship later. Michaela clawed at her face and shoved a table out of her way as she ran screaming and laughing in the other direction.

She eventually calmed down and came back and the two talked, but it was clear the incident put Zack on edge, as he expressed later that night wanting to leave. Michaela yelled at him to go but then became infuriated when he tried to leave and began taking his suitcase away to get him to stay.

She continued to yell at him as he attempted to leave and even began yelling at her costars when they did not stop Zack from going. Once Zack drove away, Michaela returned to the cabin and began her furniture redecoration session until the night culminated in a producer holding her back as she pushed over a table and a glass of wine as she slammed the door in the face of the camera crew.

It was quite a scene.

But as we all know tensions can run high on the show and being put in situations far outside of their comfort zones doesn’t always bring out the best in the couples. But fellow MAFS alum Beth Bice isn’t letting Michaela go through it alone, as she expresses her understanding towards Michaela’s meltdown with the simple phrase “I get it, girl.”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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