Duggar baby boom: Will the coronavirus pandemic lead to more Duggar babies?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may have more grandchildren at the end of the quarantine. Pic credit: TLC

There may be another Duggar baby boom on the way at the end of the year. With most of the country practicing social distancing, being home with your spouse 24/7 may lead to even more togetherness.

Derick Dillard joked about a baby boom earlier this month.

With the coronavirus pandemic not slowing down, there very well may be an influx in pregnancies and babies being born at the end of the year and the beginning of 2021.

Which Duggar family members could end up pregnant again?

At this point, any of the married Duggars except for Joy-Anna Duggar could fall pregnant again.

Given the way many of the families have had their children, at least one or two of them will likely end up pregnant at some point this year.

Jill Duggar seemed to be set with the two little boys she has with Derick Dillard.

After he teased the baby boom and got sly when asked if they would be part of it, there is speculation that she may already be pregnant. If not, Jill and Derick could be trying once again.

Anna Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are also in the running for a possible baby boom. Both women gave birth to little girls in November.

Anna Duggar generally has her children two years apart. Kendra Caldwell’s first two children are roughly 18 months apart, which may hinder a close third child.

Jinger Duggar has also been rumored to be expecting, but is she?

If not, she is one who may be taking part in a Duggar baby boom. Jinger is one of the more popular sisters and everything she does it a big deal when it comes to her followers.

Which Duggar family members may not take part?

Currently, Joy-Anna Duggar is expecting another baby with her husband, Austin Forsyth. This is her third pregnancy, but her second child.

The couple lost their daughter, Annabell Elise, last June. It was a tough time for Joy-Anna, but now, she is looking forward to welcoming a little girl in August.

Abbie Grace Burnett and John-David Duggar welcomed their first child back in January. It is unlikely they will be adding to their family right away after just barely welcoming Grace Duggar.

If they do, many Duggar fans will be shocked.

At this point, it is unclear how long the current state of affairs in the country will remain this way.

Shelter in place orders and similar things are happening all over. Until they are lifted, there isn’t much else to do other than spend time with your spouse and family.

Counting On is on hiatus and expected to return later this year to TLC.

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