Drew Sidora tries to shade OG Sheree Whitfield but RHOA viewers clap back

Drew Sidora tries to throw shade at Sheree and receives backlash from fans.
Drew Sidora receives backlash from fans after trying to throw shade at Sheree Whitfield. Pic credit: BRAVO

Drew Sidora, star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, is catching some heat from fans after a recent tweet of hers. 

Drew threw shade at Sheree about one of her Instagram posts. 

Drew shades Sheree on Twitter

After the Airing of Sunday’s episode, Drew took to Twitter to share her thoughts about Sheree. 

Drew’s post said, “If you can’t distinguish spring, summer, and September, You probably can’t keep your payroll straight.”

Drew was referencing this post of Sherees.

Sheree clapped back and said, “Just like you can’t keep your marriage straight.”

Drew Sidora tries to throw shade at Sheree Whitfield.
Pic credit: @IamSheree/Twitter

Many fans stood for Sheree and thought that Drew was just a “fan.”

One fan commented, “Sheree, she’s a fan; look at her reciting your iconic lines back to you thinking it’s a read. Meanwhile, she don’t know where Ralph is, spring, summer, September, June, July, April, or November. Worry about that (laughing emoji).”

Another commented, “Lol, not bringing up Wreck-It Ralph (laughing emoji, laughing emoji, laughing emoji).”

Drew was blindsided with information about Ralph Pittman

A recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was extremely diabolical for Drew Sidora and Sheree Whitfield. 

The two were at Kenya’s daughter Brooklyn’s birthday party when they played a game to reveal a little tea about someone else in the group.

During the game, it was brought up that Sheree didn’t pay her “assistant,” who also happened to be Drew’s assistant Anthony, which stirred up quite a bit of drama. 

Sheree insisted that Anthony was not her assistant, and then Fatum (Sheree’s friend) chimed in and spilled the tea, saying that Anthony had been spreading rumors about Ralph’s sexuality. 

It’s no secret that Drew and Ralph have been going through an extremely rough patch over the years, and more recently. 

In last week’s episode, Ralph had a perfect date planned for him and Drew. 

Drew was pampered throughout the day and ended her night with a planned romantic dinner. 

However, things went a little left at the dinner when Drew tried to express her feelings about their relationship.

Drew and Ralph have endured a lot throughout their relationship. 

The season is still young, so the drama between Sheree and Drew may thicken, maybe more than Drew and Ralph; however, viewers will have to tune in to see just how much all of the drama will unfold. 

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays on BRAVO at 8/7c

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