Drew Sidora throws shade at Kenya Moore on Twitter

RHOA newbie Drew Sidora
New RHOA Housewife Drew Sidora threw shade at Kenya Moore on Twitter. Pic credit: Bravo

Drew Sidora is the newest cast member to join The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she’s set on making her mark.

Just a couple of episodes in and RHOA fans have already figured out that Drew is bound to clash with at least one of her castmates, and it seems that Kenya Moore just might be the one.

If there was any doubt that there was drama brewing between the two, that seems to have faded after Drew took to Twitter to shade Kenya.

Drew attempts to out Kenya and her hairstyles

There have been plenty of insults thrown around about Kenya’s hair.

RHOA fans will remember that back in Season 12, a feud erupted when Kenya was accused of wearing a wig after bragging about being all-natural.

Kenya was also the face of a natural hair care line.

And, during a segment on Watch What Happens Live, Kenya doubled down on her natural ‘do.

After being asked to broadcast that her hair is real, Kenya replied, “Yeah, my hair is real.”

Andy then asked if she had any pieces in her hair and she denied that as well.

“No, this is all my hair. It’s very long and thick,” she claimed at the time.

Well, now it looks like Drew is digging up old drama.

She shared a picture to her Twitter and captioned it, “Someone sent this to me saying it’s Kenya’s hair tho! #justsaying #rhoa.”

Fans call out Drew for throwing shade at Kenya, others say they’re missing the point

Many fans responded calling out Drew for starting drama, claiming that everyone knows Kenya wears wigs.

“What’s your point sis…..we already knew this about her and she still has real hair,” wrote one fan.

Another, however, pointed out that it wasn’t the fact that Kenya was wearing wigs, but they think Drew was calling out the fact that her tracks were showing.

“I don’t think her wearing wigs was the point she was making with the picture…smh,” she wrote.

Others added a little more drama by throwing their own shade at Kenya.

“We all know Kenya wearing wigs and tracks. Every time she gets to crying about marc that track gets to slipping just like her dignity,” they commented.

Regardless of her true intent, it seems that Drew has no interest in keeping the peace between herself and Kenya.

She also spilled all the tea on how she feels about Kenya.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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