Double Shot at Love spoilers: Date night details leaked by Jersey Shore fan on Reddit, does Maria return?

vinny guadagnino maria elizondo
Vinny Guadagnino and Maria Elizondo had a deep connection on Season 2 of Double Shot at Love. Will they rekindle their romance during Season 3? Pic credit: MTV

Double Shot at Love fans get ready, Season 3 is already filming and one astute Reddit fan has leaked some date night details for Vinny Guadagnino.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star is reportedly ready to find a love of his own after his single buddy Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio found his mate during Seasons 1 and 2 of the dating reality series.

Now, Pauly and his girlfriend Nikki Hall will help Vinny as he attempts to find the love of his life from a pool of women.

The show is reportedly filming at the Adero Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona.

On the hotel’s website, it says that guests are welcomed beginning May 14, which reinforces the notion that the hotel is on lockdown for the safety of the cast and crew of Double Shot at Love as they film in a COVID-safe bubble.

One major hint came from a Redditor who saw something on the grounds of the area that led her to believe the cast and crew were filming.

A golf cart that was painted yellow to look like a taxicab waited outside the resort. It was decorated with Italian flags, stickers of Pauly D’s face, and a license plate that said: “carts r here.”

Are any other former cast members returning?

Initially, Maria Elizondo, whom Vinny appeared to have caught real feelings for in Season 2, said she would not be appearing on the show in a Twitter post.

maria elizondo twitter
Vinny’s former flame Maria Elizondo says she will not be returning for Season 2 of Double Shot at Love. Pic credit: Twitter

However, Reddit users appeared to out Maria after realizing that photos that were seen on her Instagram story seemed to match photos from the interior of the hotel.

“Where will it be filmed? Anyone had any more details?” wrote one fan.

A second Reddit user claimed that the show was filming at the Adero in Scottsdale, AZ and that Maria was already there because her Instagram story matched the room pics.

reddit remarks about double shot at love
Fans believe Maria Elizondo will appear on the third season of Double Shot at Love despite her claims to the contrary. Pic credit: Reddit

A third Reddit user spoke of Maria’s Twitter post where she claimed she would not be on this season of the series.

Will Maria and Vinny try to make their relationship more permanent?

Fans pushed for the couple to make their relationship more committed throughout Season 2. Their connection was undeniable but they appeared to not be able to get over a personal awkwardness with one another that seemed to disappear when they became physical.

Yet it seems that during this season of the series, Vinny will date other women, so it is unclear just what role Maria will play.

Double Shot at Love is currently on hiatus.

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