Dorinda Medley is ‘happy’ and ‘content’ after leaving RHONY says ‘I have no hard feelings’

RHONY alum Dorinda Medley is happy and content after leaving the show
Dorinda Medley had not hard feelings about RHONY firing. Pic credit:Bravo

It’s fair to say Dorinda Medley had a rough final season on the Real Housewives of New York.

Her constant angry outburst got worse with each episode and her castmates more grew frustrated as time went on.

As Dorinda aimed her anger at Tinsley Mortimer, viewers started to tag her as a bully.

And by mid-season fans were calling for the 56-year-old to be axed from the show.

The RHONY star had a chance to redeem herself at the reunion but chose to double down on her behavior throughout the season.

Soon after that, Dorinda was fired.

Now the former Housewife is giving fans an insight inter her life after Housewives.

Dorinda Medley says time off from RHONY has been a blessing

The Real Housewives of New York alum recently had a chat with Us Weekly and she talked about life after Housewives.

While it wasn’t Dorinda’s decision to leave the show, she now believes that it was a hidden blessing.

“You know my mother said to me when the whole thing happened with Housewives, ‘sometimes God does for you that which you cannot do for yourself.'” shared Dorinda.

And although Dorinda has admitted that she misses RHONY, she is embracing life without it.

“And it’s been a blessing to have the time off because every once in a while it’s important to stop, reset, think, regroup… Cause we get lost. Lost in whatever this is–Housewives, fame, the city…” she continued.

Dorinda Medley is happy since leaving RHONY

The Real Housewives of New York alum continued to dish about life after leaving the reality show.

And she admitted that the fear she once had has dissipated.

Matter of fact Dorinda noted that she’s content and happy these days.

“I feel happy. I feel content,” said the former New York Housewife.

She added,”And a lot of that worry and fear, that you know, is gone.”

And it seems the pandemic has something to do with Dorinda’s new state of mind.

“I think COVID has really really taught us in quarantine, and just regrouping has really taught us …to be more accepting of ourselves.”

She added, “I thank God, knock on wood, I’m happy. ”

Dorinda Medley says ‘no hard feelings’

The former Bravo Housewife expressed that she’s not carrying any resentment about being fired from the show.

“Listen, I have no hard feelings about the Housewives,” commented Dorinda.

She continued, “As you guys know I did almost no interviews. In fact, I did no interviews. I was very quiet because I don’t have any bad feelings about it.”

“I think everything has a time and a place and I think that that was their decision and I think things change, and you have to accept change. And a lot of times if you sit quietly and you wait, it ends up being the best thing for you,” added Dorinda.

The Real Housewives of New York is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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