Dominique Scalise seemingly deletes Twitter account after Big Brother boyfriend Memphis Garrett reveals new relationship

Memphis And Christmas
Memphis and Christmas from the BB22 cast are now dating in real life. Pic credit: @MemphisGarrett/Instagram

It appears that Dominique Scalise deleted her Twitter account following the Big Brother news that came out today.

Dominique had been dating Memphis Garrett, but as we just reported, Memphis has confirmed he is now dating Christmas Abbott.

During the BB22 season, Dominique and Memphis were still together, with Memphis mentioning her a number of times on the live feeds. Her social media accounts also referenced him, giving evidence that the relationship was still going strong.

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Memphis and Christmas were both members of the Big Brother 22 cast and quite a few fans spotted some extreme chemistry developing between them. That appears to have continued once the game came to an end.

Did Dominique Scalise delete her Twitter account?

It appears that the Twitter account from which Dominique has made posts about Memphis in the past has been deleted. Some of the previous posts present dead links with a note from Twitter stating, “This Tweet is from an account that no longer exists.”

It’s possible that Dominique simply closed down her account for the time being, but it’s also possible that she is ready to move on with a new chapter in her life and she doesn’t want to be active on that account any longer.

Dominique’s Instagram account is still up and running, but it didn’t have any recent pictures of Memphis on it. That’s something that was debated a bit by fans while the BB22 season was playing out on television.

As shown below, Memphis does still have photos of Dominque on his personal pages:


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A post shared by Memphis Garrett (@memphisgarrett)

Memphis has also started to post photos of himself with Christmas, though, showing that he is definitely ready for the world to know about this new relationship.

The photo below was just posted this evening and it shows Memphis and Christmas enjoying a night out at a Florida bar. He captioned the photo by writing, “Sometime people come into your life and you know they just belong. We tried to fight it but fate had its own plan. Excited for the future.”


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A post shared by Memphis Garrett (@memphisgarrett)

Memphis very active on social media

Since leaving the game this time, Memphis has been very active on social media. He shared a video claiming that he had been getting death threats from Big Brother based on his behavior in the house.

It seems that some Big Brother fans didn’t take kindly to the treatment that Ian Terry had been receiving from some of the other houseguests this summer.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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