Does the RHONJ cast think Teresa Giudice was being malicious by spreading the cheating rumor?

Teresa Giudice films for RHONJ
The RHONJ cast is split on whether Teresa tried to be malicious while spreading the rumors. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast revealed whether they think Teresa Giudice spread the cheating rumors about Jackie and Evan Goldschneider with malicious intent.

This has been a central storyline since the Season 11 premiere. While the majority of the cast thinks it’s wrong that Teresa spread the rumor about Evan cheating on Jackie at his birthday, they are split on whether Teresa intentionally did it to hurt Jackie.

The RHONJ cast weighed in on the matter during the RHONJ After Show following Wednesday’s episode.

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Some of the cast thought Teresa was trying to get revenge on Jackie

Some of the RHONJ cast saw Teresa’s actions at Evan’s party as an intentional jab at Jackie.

Melissa Gorga, Teresa’s sister-in-law, is all too familiar with the experience of feuding with Teresa.

“Yeah, listen…I think when Teresa wants to be malicious, we all know…she’s not even trying to hide it,” Melissa stated as Jackie agreed.

Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, knows how his family’s temper boils, and claims that Teresa spread the rumor to get revenge on Jackie.

“See where we grew up, you mess with us, we’re coming back at you and we’re gonna come back at you triple hard. And, you know, Jackie always pushed her buttons,” Joe stated.

“One thing you gotta remember about Teresa is that she remembers that. And she’s like a pitbull,” Joe expressed as Frank Catania nodded along. “She sits there and she thinks, if you offended her in any which way, ‘How am I gonna get you back?'”

This comes after Joe came to Teresa’s defense while talking to the Goldschneiders during Wednesday’s episode.

Other members of the RHONJ cast think Teresa didn’t have bad intentions

Some of Teresa’s close allies spoke on her behalf and addressed the rumors that Teresa made up the rumors herself.

Jennifer Aydin chalks it up to the alcohol stating that she wasn’t trying to take Jackie down by spreading the rumor.

“I know that my friend was just telling her something that she heard. She got a little tipsy. We all know, but it wasn’t on purpose to try to sabotage her life,” Jennifer explained.

Dolores Catania thinks that seeing Evan reminded her of the rumors and she has acted impulsively in this way before without malintent.

“Was she being malicious? No. Did she go in there saying, ‘I’m gonna ruin their marriage?’ No. She went in there. She repeated something she heard. It was at the front of her brain. I’ve known Teresa since I was six years old,” Dolores shared.

“She didn’t go there saying, ‘I’m gonna ruin the party, I’m gonna ruin her life, and I’m gonna ruin their marriage,” she continued.

One argument in favor of Teresa being malicious was that she told everyone at the party besides Jackie. However, Dolores believes Teresa was going to get around to it, adding, “She was gonna tell Jackie as soon as she got the chance.”

Teresa later signed on and echoed both Jennifer and Dolores’s sentiments.

Do you think Teresa was being malicious by spreading the cheating rumors?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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