Does D’Andra Simmons ‘make everything about herself?’: Stephanie Hollman and Tiffany Moon chime in

Stephanie Hollman and Tiffany Moon weigh on claims that D'Andra Simmons is selfish.
Stephanie Hollman and Tiffany Moon weigh on claims that D’Andra Simmons is selfish. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Dallas stars Tiffany Moon and Stephanie Hollman both weighed in on the issue that’s tearing D’Andra Simmons and Kary Brittingham apart.

Both stars appeared on Watch What Happens Live following Tuesday’s RHOD episode.

Andy introduced a segment called Who Would it Be, Kary or D? Stephanie and Tiffany had to decide whether certain traits better described Kary or D’Andra.

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Andy got real when he asked the women to weigh in on the issue that Kary and D’Andra were fighting over during the latest RHOD episode.

“Who’s guiltier of making everything about herself?” Andy asked.

Stephanie and Tiffany both held up D’Andra’s face in response.

As Andy observed, the women were able to put aside their biases and answer the questions honestly.

Even though Tiffany is D’Andra’s bestie, she was able to admit that D’Andra talks more behind people’s backs and that she googles herself more often. She even admitted that she’d trust Kary more to throw a party.

Despite being closer with Kary, Stephanie was able to admit that she had worse manners. She also admitted that she’d rather receive business advice from D’Andra and that D’Andra has a better sense of style.

Stephanie Hollman & Tiffany Moon Choose Kary or D’Andra | WWHL

Kary and D’Andra clash during Brandi’s birthday

Even though it was Brandi’s special day, the drama between Kary and D’Andra became the center of attention.

The tension started building as Kary critiqued D’Andra’s party planning abilities.

She dissed D’Andra’s Captain Brandi mannequin, complained about there being no ice for the tequila or a wine bottle opener, and even called D’Andra selfish when she forgot to mention that one of the guests wouldn’t be drinking.

D’Andra finally had enough when they got to their table at the winery. The two women had it out over her party planning skills.

Why they’re really fighting

As many know, usually whatever two people argue about isn’t typically what the actual issue is.

While they were initially fighting about D’Andra’s party planning skills, it was later revealed that Kary was actually upset because she felt that D’Andra is a selfish friend.

This came out when Kary mentioned that her daughter was suicidal, and none of the women, including D’Andra, knew.

She explained that when D’Andra calls, she always talks about herself and her problems rather than asking Kary what’s going on in her life. Many of the women agreed with her.

D’Andra feels that it’s the other way around and that Kary doesn’t open up about the problems in her life.

Do you think D’Andra and Kary will be able to get past these issues and remain friends?

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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