RHOD: D’Andra Simmons talks Kary Brittingham’s constant digs at her this season, says ‘it really hurt my feelings’

D'Andra Simmons is hurt by Kary Brittingham's insults throughout the season.
D’Andra Simmons is hurt by Kary Brittingham’s insults throughout the season. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Dallas star D’Andra Simmons reveals that she was hurt after rewatching the way her costar Kary Brittingham treated and talked about her during this season.

D’Andra reveals during an interview with ET that she was mostly hurt by the comments Kary made behind her back.

“I am still confused about that, to be honest,” D’Andra admits. “I didn’t understand that Kary had such deep-seated opinions and feelings about our friendship until I started watching the season.”

“I mean, I knew we were fighting a lot on, you know, during filming, but I never, ever would’ve thought that she would’ve called me selfish or that I wasn’t a good friend, or any of the things she’s saying about me,” she continues. “And it really hurt my feelings and I’ve really tried to get to the bottom of it with her, and you’ll see that kinda unpack and unfold.”

D’Andra reveals why she thinks Kary had it out for her

D’Andra hopes that the issues Kary has with her aren’t personal and blames Kary’s harsh comments on her feeling pent up during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Kary probably had a much more difficult time than I did during quarantine, because she’s a very social person, whereas I am happy to be at home with my dogs and my husband and my books, and I can stay at home for months and not have a problem,” D’Andra expresses.

“Kary has to be out and has to be doing things and has to be going to dinners and she’s just, it’s not OK for her to be isolated.”

“There’s a bee in her bonnet, as we like to say in the South, and I don’t know what set it off!” D’Andra concludes.

D’Andra also teases that her drama with Kary comes to a head during the season and that she tries to resolve the issues in their friendship with her shaman.

What has gone down between D’Andra and Kary so far this season

Kary has thrown plenty of shade D’Andra’s way so far this season.

During a Chinese lunch that Tiffany Moon invited all of the Housewives to attend, Kary said she didn’t want to sit next to D’Andra and called her “COVID girl.”

She continuously brought up D’Andra feeling sick throughout the course of the meal.

During the following episode, Kary called D’Andra “her little pain in the a**” when D’Andra rolled up to her 50th birthday party. She also wasn’t pleased with how Kary pushed Tiffany in the pool when she can’t swim.

D’Andra started to push back during the following episode after Kary criticized how she planned Brandi Redmond’s birthday party.

Kary slammed the “Captain Brandi” mannequin head D’Andra made, called her out for serving warm tequila and called her “selfish” after she didn’t tell the winery they were going to that one of the women didn’t drink alcohol.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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