Does Cynthia Bailey think her castmates are justified in being upset with Kenya Moore?

RHOA Cynthia Bailey says castmates were justified in being upset with Kenya Moore
Cynthia Bailey understands why castmates were mad at Kenya Moore. Pic credit:Bravo

Kenya Moore had the entire cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta mad at her during the latest episode. 

And now her bestie Cynthia Bailey is throwing her two cents into the mix. 

The women are still on their cast trip to Charleston and let’s just say Kenya’s hosting skills are not impressing her castmates. 

The trip started out on a sour note when Kenya decided to send the women on a sprinter while she hopped on a private jet, and tried to keep it a secret.

Then, things got worse when the ladies found out that she was bringing along with her daughter Brooklyn–without giving the other moms the option to bring their babies as well.

Things continued in a downward spiral during the latest episode when Kenya decided to ditch the women and spend the night taking care of Brooklyn. 

During a night out, the RHOA cast decided to confront the 50-year-old regarding her behavior. 

Her BFF Cynthia Bailey, defended Kenya’s decision to bring her baby on the trip but says she understands why the other women got upset.

Cynthia Bailey defends Kenya Moore

During an appearance on Hollywood Life, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star dished about the latest episode.

And despite getting some pushback from Kenya as she was confronted by her castmates, Cynthia understands their grievance with her friend.

However, she explained that Kenya’s circumstances are quite different from theirs.

“You know, a lot of these ladies have babies, small babies” noted Cynthia. “And… I feel like I completely know more about Kenya’s personal situation than some of the other ladies may, and so does Kandi [Burruss]–you know, the ladies that she’s closer to.”

She continued, “We kinda really know that she’s kinda really dealing with Brooklyn on her own, most of the time. And she’s definitely that mom that is protective of her child and she doesn’t want to leave her with anyone if she’s not comfortable leaving her with anyone.”

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean the 51-year-old lacks understanding of how the other Atlanta Housewives felt about the situation.

Cynthia says her castmates were justified in their response

During her chat with the media outlet, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star admitted that her castmates’ feelings were valid.

“For this situation, I think the girls are justified in their response, just in terms of being upset with her,” admitted Cynthia. “Just not knowing–even though she always usually brings Brooklyn, I mean she could’ve had a situation where that changed for this trip so it shouldn’t be an assumption.”

“But I think it would have been smart for Kenya to you know, give the ladies the disclaimer of, ‘hey, you know I always bring Brooklyn. This trip is not gonna be any different,'” continued the RHOA star.

Cynthia added, “But I think the communication is just always key. Just, you know, letting everyone know.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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