Was Kandi Burruss jealous of Kenya Moore’s private jet during cast trip to South Carolina?

Kandi Burruss reveals whether she's bothered by Kenya Moore's decision to take a private jet.
Kandi Burruss reveals whether she’s bothered by Kenya Moore’s decision to take a private jet. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss explains how she felt about Kenya Moore bringing LaToya Ali with her on a private jet to South Carolina while she and the rest of the RHOA cast had to ride on a five-hour bus ride.

Kandi gives viewers an inside look on the girls trip on her YouTube show Speak on It.

She prefaces the video by addressing the one issue viewers could not get over– Kenya’s private jet.

“The bus was hot, ok? It was very hot,” Kandi admits.

However, she is not envious of Kenya’s decision to fly privately.

“To be clear, I was not jealous about no private jets,” Kandi clarifies. “I wanted that to be understood because I’ve never been on a damn private jet and I definitely wasn’t going to be spending no extra money to go on a private jet to South Carolina.”

This doesn’t mean she agrees with the way Kenya handled the situation.

Kenya had told Drew Sidora about her plans to take the private jet with LaToya. However, Kenya specifically asked Drew not to tell the other women.

“She could at least let us know. Give us a heads up,” Kandi vented. “But yet you decided that that was what you wanted to do with your new friend, LaToya…and keep it a secret from us!”

She added that she thought it was “a little shady.”

Kandi implies Kenya was being hypocritical

Kandi hints that Kenya’s decision to book a private jet came as a complete surprise.

She explains that at her charity event, Porsha Williams mentioned reaching out to her friend Falynn Guobadia to use her private jet.

Kandi claims Kenya slammed Porsha for considering borrowing a private jet for the trip.

Additionally, Kandi points out the irony of how LaToya and Kenya haven’t known each other for long. Kandi was the one who introduced LaToya to the ladies.

While she loves their friendship, Kandi feels a little miffed over how Kenya “met LaToya and kicked the rest of us to the curb.”

How the other women felt about the jet

While Kandi remained relatively cool over the private jet, some of the other women were more upset by it.

Drew held Kenya’s feet to the fire by making her admit that she would get to South Carolina ahead of the other women because they were taking a private jet.

The women seemed annoyed at the dinner but the anger really set in when they sat down in the hot bus and realized they had to deal with it for a five-hour ride.

Marlo Hampton discovered that Kenya had also brought her daughter Brooklyn with her.

Porsha emotionally vented that she cried that morning over having to leave her child. The other women on the bus agreed that Kenya should’ve told them and given them to option to bring their kids.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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