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Do Chris and Paige stand a chance? Married at First Sight viewers weigh in

Will Chris and Paige make it as a married couple?
Will Chris and Paige make it as a married couple? Pic credit: Lifetime

Fans have been speculating whether Married at First Sight couple Chris and Paige will make it after they tied the knot in Wednesday’s episode.

During the ceremony when the officiant read off each of the traits given from their friends and family, Paige and Chris both had some mixed reactions.

Paige seemed surprised that Chris was so high-maintenance and Chris seemed surprised that she was so low-maintenance. Regardless, they both were pleased that the other is religious and prioritizes family.

However, many fans felt that things went downhill once the couple said “I do.”

First, Paige and Chris went had the typical cocktail table chat leading into the reception.

The conversation went smoothly until Paige brought up tattoos. Chris put his foot in his mouth when he revealed he had to cover up a tattoo with his ex’s name on it.

He then confessed that he had been engaged just a few months ago and couldn’t stop bringing it up.

He even compared her dog to his ex’s dog.

Needless to say, fans were not impressed.

Chris’ strikes against him were the way he talked about Paige to her friends, “not like the girls I usually date,” “I wasn’t attracted to her,” “the girl I need not the girl I want,” and the way his dad talked to her about “pleasing him.”

Unfortunately for Chris, fans only thought he sunk his ship deeper during the reception.

Chris tried to charm his way into his in-laws’ and Paige’s friends’ hearts, but they didn’t seem to be having it.

Fans were disappointed in some of the lines he threw out there about Paige. He told her friends that she wasn’t like the girls he usually dates and wasn’t the woman he wanted but the woman he needed.

He then translated that to “I’m not attracted to her” in a confessional interview.

His friends were also not impressed with him raving about her figure.

Unfortunately, Paige’s talk with her in-laws didn’t go much better.

When she asked Chris’ parents for advice, his dad hinted that she needed to make sure to “please” him when he gets home from work. He made sure to drive that home to the point where viewers noticed and felt the uncomfortableness through the screen.

All in all, it’s safe to say that fans don’t have much faith in Paige and Chris’s marriage. The spoilers only predict more trouble ahead for this couple.

Viewers will have to tune in Wednesday nights to see if they surpass everyone’s expectations or not.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays 8/7c on Lifetime.

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