Derick Dillard shades Jim Bob Duggar’s political move with one simple emoji

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard in a confessional.
Derick Dillard threw shade at Jim Bob Duggar. Pic credit: TLC

Derick Dillard didn’t refrain from commenting when he saw a news report confirming that his father-in-law, Jim Bob Duggar, was running for Arkansas State Senate.

The news broke yesterday with an announcement on the Duggar Facebook page, and from there, it took off.

Counting On and Duggar followers know that things between Jim Bob and Derick are tense at best, and the son-in-law has steadily been calling out and throwing shade at Jill Duggar’s dad since 2019.

Derick Dillard’s emoji represents shade toward Jim Bob Duggar

The comment section quickly filled up when news outlet KNWA shared a post to Instagram about Jim Bob Duggar’s bid for the Arkansas State Senate seat.

It said, “#BREAKING Jim Bob Duggar announced on Friday his candidacy for Arkansas State Senate District 7, which includes Springdale, Johnson, Goshen, and Elkins.”

There are many fans and followers who voiced their distaste for Jim Bob’s run, but this comment section included a post from Derick.

He left a simple thinking face emoji, and some other people decided to chime in with him.

One follower wrote, “@derickdillard what the heck, corrupt as can be, covering up his pedophila [sic] son for years. No way.”

Another said, “@derickdillard what is with [your] comment? I’m curious ?”

And finally, one more chimed in with, “@derickdillard daaayyyuummm”

Derick Dillard comment
Pic credit: @knwanews/Instagram

Derick Dillard is a constant thorn in Jim Bob Duggar’s side

This isn’t the first time Derick Dillard has thrown shade at his father-in-law, Jim Bob Duggar. He has been speaking out against him and dropping remarks about the family for at least two years.

The first big bombshell Derick revealed was that Jill Duggar was not allowed at the big Duggar house without permission. At that point, there had been speculation that they were estranged from the family, and Derick just laid it out.

In more recent times, Jill and Derick have done plenty of Q&A sessions. They confirmed that Jill had to take her dad to court for the wages she was entitled to from Counting On, which amounted to a little more than minimum wage.

Earlier this month, Jill Duggar revealed she and Derick Dillard suffered a miscarriage. She got some support from her sisters publicly, but her mom and dad did not comment on the post from the family account.

With Jim Bob Duggar back in the spotlight running for political office, there’s no telling what else may be revealed.

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