Derick Dillard riles Counting On fans up after snapping Jill Duggar washing dishes and using ‘womanswork’ hashtag

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard while on Counting On.
Derick Dillard joked about “woman’s work” and Jill Duggar laughed. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are once again making headlines. He shared a photo of her doing the dishes and hashtagged it with “#womanswork,” sending followers into a frenzy.

Most of the comments on the Instagram photo are dogging Derick Dillard for calling doing the dishes “woman’s work.”

Meanwhile, Jill Duggar shows up in the comments laughing at what he called it and laughing that he called their toddler “Baby Sam.”

Did Derick Dillard mean what he said about Jill Duggar?

There has long been a silent expectation that women do the chores while the men work in the Duggar home. That is how it worked at the Duggar compound, so Counting On viewers assume the children carried on the tradition.

All of the married Duggar children have their kids, with all of the wives staying home to raise the little ones while most of the men work.

From the reaction that Jill Duggar put forth under the photo with the hashtags, it appears Derick Dillard may have been joking. There is no way to tell what he was thinking when he posted that, but the former reality star does like to rile followers up every chance he gets.

The last few months have been filled with bombshell revelations and even some family members backing up claims.

Photo posted by Derick Dillard on Instagram.
Derick Dillard called dishes “woman’s work” on Instagram. Pic credit: @derickdillard/Instagram

Other Derick Dillard stunts

Derick Dillard is outspoken and doesn’t care who he offends. From battles with Jazz Jennings and TLC publicly to snide comments and shade thrown at his in-laws, the former reality star isn’t afraid to speak what he perceives as his truth.

This has caused some issues for Jill Duggar. She and her husband are no longer allowed at the Duggar compound unless Jim Bob has given his permission to them.

This was revealed late last year, and Derick Dillard confirmed that when Jessa Duggar was in labor with Ivy Jane, Jill had to get permission to meet her at the big house to help.

Aside from that, Derick Dillard has also given Jim Bob Duggar a run for his money when it comes to spilling details about Counting On.

He revealed that the married Duggar couples aren’t paid and that the contract is strictly for his father-in-law. Dillard urged the other couples to start their own show, or get contracts that would pay them what they are owed.

Riling up the Duggar fan base is something Derick Dillard likes to do. Jill Duggar wasn’t offended with his Instagram post and “#womanswork,” but so many others were.

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