Demi Burnett’s dating advice for Colton was so shady

Demi Burnett grimaces in an orange dress
Demi fires shots at Colton Underwood. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett became a breakout star as a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, for her outgoing personality and outspoken ability to throw shade. Now, the extraverted blonde has some choice words for Colton as he pursues new relationships. 

While Colton ultimately decided that he and Demi just didn’t have enough compatibility and sent her home on his season of The Bachelor, it turns out the two had more in common than they previously thought. Both later came out and revealed that they are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Now that Colton is reentering the dating scene as a gay man, Demi was recently asked about the type of guy she hopes the former Bachelor star ends up with.

Demi didn’t hold back in calling Colton out with her answer. 

Demi brings up Colton’s stalker past

When asked about who Colton’s type of man should be, Demi responded saying, “Someone he won’t stalk,” referencing Colton’s alleged stalker behavior with his former girlfriend Cassie Randolph. 

According to reports, Colton’s obsessive stalking and actions got so out of hand that Cassie feared for the safety of her and her family and filed a restraining order against Colton that was eventually dropped.

Cassie coming forward about Colton’s allegedly abusive behavior led many to want Colton to be held accountable, which is why Colton revealing that he was gay stirred up mixed feelings from viewers

Some of the public wanted to show Colton nothing but support as he came out, while others were more leery of Colton due to the ways he allegedly mistreated and tormented Cassie, feeling as though his sexuality is no excuse for what he put Cassie through. Demi appears to be more in the latter camp based on her past responses. 

Demi’s loyalty lies with Cassie Randolph 

Demi went public about being bisexual on Bachelor in Paradise, where she and her girlfriend at the time, Kristian Haggerty, made history as the first same-sex couple in the franchise. Meanwhile, Colton went public about his sexual identity earlier this year in an interview with Good Morning America, years after his season of The Bachelor had aired. 

When Colton first made his big announcement, Demi shared her thoughts with E! News Daily Pop, stating, “I’m really close with Cassie so my loyalties lie with her.” Demi built a solid friendship with Cassie while on Colton’s season and likely knows even more details than the public about Cassie’s rocky relationship with him.

This statement from Demi indicated she’s not automatically on Colton’s side even if they are in the same community, because her friendship and known mantra of supporting women comes first. 

However Demi did express the significance of Colton being open about his sexuality, saying, “But I am proud of him for coming out.” Like Colton, Demi has previously expressed how difficult it is to navigate this part of herself both personally and publicly and so while she understandably doesn’t seem to be the biggest Colton fan, she is still proud of him for taking such a bold step. 

Meanwhile. after appearances on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise, Demi will aim to take the bold step of finding love when she returns to BIP this summer.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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