Demi Burnett called out after getting dumped on Bachelor in Paradise again

Demi Burnett on Bachelor in Paradise
Demi Burnett has Bachelor in Paradise viewers calling her out. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett is back on Bachelor in Paradise and it’s safe to say, after getting dumped twice now, that it’s definitely not been a good season for her.

When she first appeared in Mexico for Season 7, Demi already had viewers on edge after claiming she was there to steal some of the men and “f**k some s**t up.”

So far, Demi hasn’t been successful in stealing anyone’s man, though she did seem to get to borrow Kenny from Mari for a short while. But that was only after shooting her shot at Brendan Morais and getting shut down.

Considering what Brendan did to Natasha, it’s safe to say that Demi may have dodged a bullet but that’s beside the point.

No one wants to go to the Boom Boom Room with Demi Burnett

After Kenny found himself in a tangled web of Bachelor in Paradise women, Demi continued to make herself look silly when she invited Kenny to the Boom Boom Room, only for him to shut that down with a claim that he really just wanted to go to bed.

Demi stormed off, upset by the rejection. But instead of taking aim at Kenny, the one who turned her down, she decided to make comments about the other women instead.

For those who are counting, this is the second time Demi has offered to go to the Boom Boom Room with one of the Bachelor in Paradise men — and the second time a man has turned that offer down.

Bachelor Nation hits back at Demi Burnett

Bachelor in Paradise viewers did not hold back while watching Demi Burnett throw a fit after getting rejected by Kenny Braasch. The way she handled it was not good and viewers thought that Demi’s claims that Mari is “mean” and a “brat” were not only childish but hypocritical as well.

One viewer took to Twitter to talk about it, writing “Kettle, meet the pot” over a photo of Demi talking about Mari.

So did another…

Another thought it was funny that Demi thought Pieper would even care that Demi kissed Brendan when she was trying to woo him away from Natasha near the beginning of the season.

Even Brett S. Vergara weighed in on the Demi Burnett drama, making a joke about the polarizing Bachelor Nation star calling up producers after Kenny said no thanks to the Boom Boom Room.

One thing that seemed to really entertain quite a few viewers is the fact that Demi made it clear that she came to Bachelor in Paradise to steal the other girls’ men and create some drama. However, when the tables were turned on her, she didn’t like it one bit.

Just like with Pieper James and Brendan Morais, who clearly joined BIP Season 7 for all the wrong reasons, karma moves fast and this time around, Demi Burnett is sitting around empty-handed and it’s about time to start handing out roses again.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Debi McGregor
Debi McGregor
2 years ago

Watching Demi and listening to her say what a catch she is and how she’s so much fun yada yada yada and blah blah blah is sickening. Conceited much ??
For heavens sake! Quit blowing your own horn especially when the person you’re telling it too obviously doesn’t agree.