Brendan Morais shows intrigue in Demi Burnett’s ‘boom boom room’ offer

Brendan Morais stares at Demi Burnett on the beach
Brendan Morais and Demi Burnett exchange thirsty comments on social media. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett hasn’t lost all interest in Brendan Morais after their argument on the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise…and perhaps Brendan hasn’t lost all interest either. 

Demi recently revealed her continued interest in having intimate time with Brendan, and Brendan’s response may come as a surprise, especially considering he’s rumored to be dating another star from The Bachelor franchise

Brendan Morais seeks a saucy email from Demi Burnett 

On Bachelor in Paradise, there appears to be a consensus that Brendan Morais is one of the most attractive men on the island. So it wasn’t surprising when Demi immediately requested some one-on-one time with Brendan. 

Right off the bat, Demi was joking with Brendan about going to the “boom boom room” which alludes to a place where contestants take their physical intimacy to the next level. 

Despite all the physical chemistry Demi thought she had with Brendan, the two didn’t exactly mesh well and ended up butting heads, with Demi even accusing Brendan of being a player that wasted her time. 

While Demi and Brendan likely won’t be forcing their love connection any further, Demi still took to social media to express her physical interest in Brendan and reveal that her lust for Brendan is still going strong. 

Demi shared photos from her beach date with Brendan and captioned the post by saying, “Still would go to the boom boom room with this man.” 

Brendan responded to Demi’s bold post by saying, “Email me.”, which surprised fans who are aware of the rumors that Brendan and Pieper James are currently dating. Brendan’s seemingly interested response led fans to question if Brendan really is a player like Demi initially claimed.

Brendan's instagram comment
Brendan reacts to Demi shooting her shot. Pic credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

Pieper James liked Demi’s frisky post

Some observant fans noted that Pieper James actually liked Demi’s “boom boom room” post. Pieper liking the post has some viewers pointing out that Brendan, Demi and Piper are likely all just trolling. 

Interestingly, Brendan didn’t just comment under Demi’s post. He also shared Demi’s post to his story with an intrigued caption, stating, “I’m listening”. 

Brendan Morais and Demi Burnett hold hands on the beach
Demi’s caption sparks interest from Brendan. Pic credit: @brendanmorais/Instagram

This playful banter between Brendan and Demi might not mean that the two are planning on exploring a romantic relationship, but it at least shows that they have landed on good terms and potentially resolved their differences on the island.

Going forward, it appears that Demi and Brendan will be moving on from one another and giving their attention to others on the island, and perhaps one of them will eventually spend some time in the infamous boom boom room. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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