Debbie kicks Oussama to the curb for good on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way?

90 Day: The Other Way star Debbie Aguero close-up
Debbie has a sit down with Oussama in preview clip. Pic credit: TLC

When we first met 67-year-old Debbie and her 24-year-old boyfriend Oussama on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, we instantly felt they were a match made in heaven — said no one ever!

And now we’re about the see the uncoupling of the oddly matched pair.

If you still had high hopes for Debbie and Oussama, you might not like what we’re about to say, because in the upcoming episode, things will end for good.

A lot has happened since Debbie packed her bags and moved to Morroco to live with her true love.

While viewers were not shocked to find out that Oussama’s goal all along was to marry Debbie and get a visa so he could live in the US, Debbie was surprised and outraged.

She had some strong words for Oussama calling him the “scum of the earth” after he finally revealed his sinister plans.

However, while were we proud of how Debbie dealt with her shady beau, a short preview clip made it appear as if she was going to give him another chance in the next episode.

Debbie finally kicks Oussama to the curb in 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way preview

The teaser for the upcoming episode ended with Debbie telling Oussama that “Love can conquer anything,” leading us to think that she wanted to work things out, but thankfully that’s far from the case.

After making that declaration, Debbie continued, “You don’t have strong love for me to accomplish a life here, so you never had unconditional love for me, and I’m glad to know that now.”

The Morrocon native tried to guilt-trip Debbie by accusing her of never believing in their love. However, she reasoned that packing up and leaving her family and her entire life in the US to start a new one with him in Morroco was proof of her love.

Now though, Debbie has had enough, and she’s done with the lies and deceit.

“I’m gonna go on without you. I’m going to forge a new path, but you wimped out on me,” said Debbie as she walked away leaving Oussama sitting by himself.

Debbie tells Oussama ‘talk to the hand’

In the clip shared by Entertainment Tonight, we saw a confessional with Debbie and Oussama, and based on what she said, he shouldn’t have been surprised that she wanted to end things.

“You’re making everything about a visa, I’m making everything about a life?” said a heartbroken Debbie early in the scene.

However, the best part of that entire video was Oussama trying to convince Debbie that art and poetry were dying in Morroco, and that’s why he wanted them to live in the US.

Debbie’s epic response? “talk to the hand because I’ve heard so much BS coming from you.”

Check out the sneak peek below:

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.


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Sylvia Deraz
Sylvia Deraz
4 months ago

Yes finally Debbie stood up to Oussama. He used her and lied to her. Debbie is a smart cookie. Glad she found out now.