Deavan Clegg blasts Jenelle Evans over claims she stole her Xanax, accuses former Teen Mom 2 star of drinking and driving

TLC alum Deavan Clegg calls Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans a liar accuses her of driving and driving
Deavan Clegg calls Jenelle Evans a liar and threatens to sue her. Pic credit:@FamilyVanny/YouTube/MTV

The drama between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum Deavan Clegg hasn’t stopped yet and things are about to get even messier.

Deavan just posted a video on Instagram blasting Jenelle for making drug accusations and she made a few accusations of her own against the mom-of-three.

Deavan is none too pleased about a video that Jenelle shared on her YouTube channel early this morning. The 29-year-old recounted the podcast drama and shared a lot more details about what reportedly took place when they met up for an event related to the podcast.

Deavan Clegg blasts Jenelle Evans over drug claims

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum clearly caught wind of the YouTube post and she is now calling out Jenelle for some of the claims in a video of her own. The brunette beauty talked about the situation for over 16 minutes and accused Jenelle and Tik Tok user Gabby Egan of bullying her for a year.

Furthermore, Deavan says she now has plans to sue Jenelle Evans.

“I just woke up to Jenelle Evans, she’s from Teen Mom, I’m so sick of this! I’m staying calm. She was fired from the podcast I have the proof, I have proof, Jenelle! So she keeps lying, so does Gabby, you both are liars I have the evidence, I have the receipts in proof.”

“She is accusing me of doing Xanax and stealing her Xanax that is a crime Jenelle, you cannot accuse someone of that. Everyone who is my fan knows that Xanax is what took my aunt’s life. she was hooked on Xanax, she was my best friend and she overtook it…so everyone knows I do not like Xanax…” continued Deavan.

I was pregnant, why on earth would I be stealing your medicine? You accused me of that, that is illegal, everything you are saying is a lie, you have a huge platform, you have a huge platform you need to stop!” she added.

Deavan Clegg acccues Jenelle Evans of drinking and driving

The mom-of-two was visibly upset as she continued to address Jenelle in the video and she made her own eye-raising claims against the Teen Mom 2 star and her husband David Eason.

Jenelle should we talk about how you and your husband had open containers in the car with your young child and I had to drive because I was so upset that you guys were going to drive and so was Gabby,” claimed Deavan in her video.

“Gabby’s the one who brought it up to everyone that you had open containers and were drinking and driving with your child, so don’t even! And I was very upset about that and it killed me inside. So do not sit here and say I stole your medicine and that I do drugs, that is unacceptable, that is not okay.”

Deavan made it known that she has been putting off suing Jenelle because she didn’t want to deal with it, but says “Now you’re done, I’m suing… and I have all the proof and receipts.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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