David Eason speaks out after Kailyn Lowry’s tweet that appears to make a dig at Jenelle’s weight gain

David Eason
David Eason goes after Kailyn Lowry after a new tweet. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star David Eason is still as outspoken as he was on the show. Now, he uses social media instead to let people who what he’s thinking.

This week, David learned that Kailyn Lowry had shared a tweet that seemed to make a dig at Jenelle Evans and David.

In the tweet, she said that David should never attack her body again, making reference to his previous attacks about her weight.

David took to Instagram to share his thoughts about this.

David Eason slams Kailyn Lowry after digs at Jenelle Evans’ weight gain

Not surprisingly, his take wasn’t positive. In fact, he used two Instagram Stories to get his point across.

Additionally, he defended Jenelle’s weight gain, even though he previously said weight gain isn’t attractive.

As Monsters & Critics reported earlier today, Kailyn tweeted that David better never come for her body ever again, seemingly in response to Jenelle Evans’ newest bikini photo.

Here’s the picture Kailyn seemingly referenced.

“Ummm…I feel sorry for anyone that ever “came for your body.” Trust me, I wouldn’t touch you with a 10-foot pole,” David shared, adding an elephant emoji.

David Eason
David Eason says he feels sorry for anyone who came for her body. Pic credit: @easondavid88/Instagram

Kailyn is currently in the third trimester of her fourth pregnancy.

“Oh, you can call my wife fat and tell me not to say anything about you in the same sentence? Right,” David then wrote with a thumbs-up emoji.

David Eason
David Eason questions Kailyn Lowry after her tweet. Pic credit: @easondavid88/Instagram

About an hour after David’s Instagram Stories went live, Kailyn took to Twitter to clarify her statement. She explained that her tweet was only directed at David, not Jenelle.

She then blamed her followers for assuming that she was body-shaming Jenelle, who has clearly gained weight.

David Eason slammed Kailyn Lowry’s body just last year

It was just a year ago that David was involved in the drama surrounding Kailyn’s body weight.

At the time, Evans was the skinnier of the two women, but fans noticed that David is defending his wife, even if he’s not consistent in his arguments.

“I’m sorry but there is nothing stunning about being overweight. How about promoting a healthy lifestyle instead of making it seem okay to be,” David wrote on Instagram over a year ago.

He shared a photo of Kailyn in a bikini, and then added a photo of Jenelle in a bikini, writing, “Now this is what you would call ‘stunning in a bikini’! My wife is the absolute most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.”

Now that Jenelle is overweight, fans believe that he has double standards. Eason has not discussed his previous comments online.

Jenelle and David are back together now after she left him back in October 2019. She moved out suddenly in October and got a restraining order.

After a few months, they decided to give it a second shot. Now, she claims they are happier than ever.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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