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David Eason denies getting back with Jenelle Evans: Teen Mom couple trying to parent together

David Eason
David Eason says he’s not getting back together with Jenelle Evans. Pic credit: MTV

David Eason and Jenelle Evans have been the subjects of rumors since they were spotted together in Nashville recently.

Even though Jenelle filed for a legal separation from David in October 2019, the two have been spotted together with their daughter Ensley.

Many fans are hoping that they aren’t planning on getting back together, as people fear for Jenelle’s safety when she’s with David.

Now, Eason is speaking out about his relationship with Jenelle, and it seems that she has told everyone the truth.

They are not back together, and they are not trying to rekindle their romance.

In fact, they are being civil and cordial for the sake of their children.

David Eason is trying to co-parent with Jenelle

“Jenelle and I are not back together but really just trying to work on our friendship,” David told Hollywood Life when asked about their relationship status. “We are just trying to be the best parents we can right now.”

“Jenelle and David are not officially back together, but they have quietly been working on strengthening their relationship as co-parents and spending more time together,” a source has told the website about their relationship.

“They’re doing this really for their kids and family. Jenelle is looking at 2020 as a fresh start without MTV and the extra drama and focusing on making her family whole again. She wants to be able to co-parent better with him but she’s being cautious as she hasn’t forgotten what happened so because of this she is taking things slow.”

A previous source revealed that Jenelle and David were giving their marriage a second chance. Jenelle was spotted back on the property she used to share with David, a place they called The Land.

She posted videos on her Instagram Stories about David’s new pet goat, and Ensley was also spotted on their property in North Carolina.

She has been spotted with David several times since she voluntarily dropped the restraining order against him, and it has fans worried sick about their children.

David Eason gushes about his kids

Over the past couple of weeks, David has kept a low profile. Unlike Jenelle, he hasn’t shared much about his new life without her around. Instead, he’s been sharing positive posts on his private Instagram account.

Recently, he shared a photo of his oldest daughter Maryssa, revealing she had gone to the dance, and someone had asked her out on a date.

Maryssa is David’s oldest child. Pic credit: @easondavid88/Instagram

Earlier last week, David shared a photo of Ensley with the baby goat that he had gotten after his split with Jenelle.

He also tagged her at their home in North Carolina, proving that Jenelle and Ensley were there.

Ensley is David’s youngest daughter. Pic credit: @easondavid88/Instagram

Jenelle and David are denying getting back together, but do want to work on a positive relationship. Since their split, Jenelle has been linked to other people, but she denies dating anyone.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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