Dave White responds to his Below Deck Med behavior toward Natasha Webb: ‘No excuse’

Below Deck Mediterranean star Dave White speaks out about Natasha Webb drama.
Dave has owned up to how he treated Natasha on Below Deck Med Season 7. Pic credit: Bravo

Dave White has responded to his Below Deck Mediterranean behavior toward Natasha Webb, declaring there’s “no excuse” for his actions.

Only a handful of episodes of Season 7 of Below Deck Med have aired, but the season has largely focused on Dave’s romantic entanglement with Natasha.

The chef and chief stew hooked up a boat before appearing on the hit yachting show.

However, things went south as Dave wanted to pursue a relationship, and Natasha wanted to keep things on the down low.

The two crew nights out have featured Dave’s anger and jealous side coming out with the last one resulting in him sending some inappropriate and awful texts to Natasha.

Dave has opened up about what it was like watching the drama play out and how he feels about his actions toward the chief stew.

Below Deck Med’s Dave White responds to his behavior toward Natasha Webb

In an interview with DECIDER, Dave didn’t hold back sharing his behavior or dishing on what went down on the show.

The chef has regrets and admits the worst part of his character has come through on the show. Dave also shared it was hard for him to keep his feeling for Natasha bottled up.

However, none of that negates what he did. Dave regrets those texts and his treatment of Natasha.

“What I did and what I said were completely out of line,” he shared with the website. “No matter how I much I felt ill-treated, I should have never sent her what I did. I’m absolutely gutted by my behavior and wish I could take it back. Even though I was super upset, there’s no excuse for what I did. I feel like I need to apologize to everyone because the way I reacted was disgusting.”

Dave spilled he couldn’t watch the episode. It was too hard for him, but the chef knows he was out of line not only with Natasha but with deckhand Jason Gaskell. He’s also very appreciative of getting a second chance.

Dave White isn’t looking for forgiveness

After news of his DECIDER article came out, Dave took to his Instagram Stories to share more of his thoughts.

One had to do with people owning their actions as he wrote, “Everyone must own up to their mistakes. Life is a lesson. It’s how we grow as individuals and I messed up hard. No Excuses women should never be spoke to in that way only respected.”

Dave spoke his truth, and he has no problem doing that. There’s one thing he wants to make clear, though. The chef isn’t looking for forgiveness.

“I also want to make it clear I’m not looking for forgiveness. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions of me and I will take them all on the chin,” he expressed.

Dave White owns his Below Deck Med behavior.
Pic credit: @dangerous_davewhite/Instagram

Natasha Webb has spoken her truth about the situation that unfolded with Dave White on Below Deck Mediterranean. Both of them are looking to move forward.

However, Season 7 of the show has only just begun, and a reunion show looms, so they will be talking about this for at least the next couple of months.

Are you Team Dave or Team Natasha?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo with early access on Peacock.

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Tatiana Roveda
Tatiana Roveda
1 year ago

Those texts were nothing compared to her abusing you thruout the whole show. Forget them. She deserved them and you are not a bad guy for sending them. She had it coming-playing games with you and messing with your head. She’s a loser, looking for guys to screw ( over). Natasha Webb is the last woman you should ever regret getting upset and angry over. Shes a liar and manipulator. Dave- your so much better than her- forget those texts.She started the game, but wants to be the victim and ran right to sandy trying to get you fired- who is she kidding? Hang in there! We love the chef!

1 year ago

I wish you would post his recipes and the wine they are serving, especially Natasha’s wine pairing wines! Super expensive, I bet.