Darcey & Stacey: Stacey Silva shows off full lips in filtered photo

Stacey Silva
Stacey Silva shared a full-lip filtered photo with Darcey & Stacey fans. Pic credit: TLC

The Silva twins, Darcey and Stacey Silva, have proven to Darcey & Stacey fans just how much they enjoy their shameless filtered selfies as well as their different cosmetic surgeries.

Stacey showed off her altered look, with especially big lips, in a recent selfie she shared with her more than 600k followers on Instagram.

The 48-year-old mother of two was barely recognizable compared to the Stacey that viewers have seen throughout the years she’s been featured in the 90 Day franchise.

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Darcey and Stacey strive to look alike, and their social media photo editing habits are similar too. Darcey also regularly shares extremely enhanced photos like the one Stacey posted.

The Silva twins often receive criticism in the comments of their social media posts about their drastic differences in their looks, and Stacey’s recent share was no different.

90 Day fans were introduced to Stacey when Darcey was on Seasons 1-3 of Before the 90 Days. Darcey and her sister’s dynamic and drama were so popular among viewers that they were awarded their own spinoff, Darcey & Stacey, which has three complete seasons.

Stacey Silva rocks big lips in latest filtered photo shared with Darcey & Stacey fans

Stacey used her Instagram platform to share a flawless but heavily filtered selfie with her Darcey & Stacey fans.

In the photo, Stacey’s full lightly-colored lips were the center stage of the picture.

She had a full face of makeup, including her signature big eyelashes and bleach blonde hair.

Stacey’s skin appeared smooth with no imperfections, and her nose was heavily contoured.

Stacey stared at the camera expressionless as she sported silver wrist accessories and a brown, black, and white houndstooth patterned jacket.

Darcey & Stacey critics weighed in on Stacey Silva’s filtered photo

While Stacey did receive some positive comments on her full lip photo, resounding opinions about her filter usage took over the comments.

One critic remarked, “If it wasn’t for the name, I never would have known this was her!”

While another stated, “That’s a good app! [Laughing/crying emoji] #plastic.”

Stacey Silva's Instagram post comments
Pic credit: @staceysilvatv/Instagram

Someone else with a top comment shared, “This is not beauty. This is smoke and mirrors and tons of plastic surgery. What a shame.”

There was also a 90 Day viewer who questioned and advised Stacey, saying, “Do you ever post anything different or are pics of yourself it? I think maybe some other content like updates, videos where you actually TALK might be a good idea. I’m going to stop following if all I ever see of you is filtered pics. I like your show by the way, you and sis out to post videos of your chats or whatever, people think you’re hysterical together. Just trying to be helpful because it’s getting stale.”

Both Darcey and Stacey do not engage in negativity on their pages but still leave their comments turned on and without limits as to who can comment.

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

Enough with the disfigurement already. Those lips look like she had them stuck in some bottle for a few days and are swollen as a result. Why do these women think this is sexy? I see them all over. Deavan looks the same. This is HIDEOUS!

1 year ago

Oh dear God!! Whoever advised her to stop posting pictures and talk – please sir/madam, you know not what you do!! Have you ever heard her talk? I promise you, in this case, silence is truly golden ?