Dancing with the Stars judge says he is coming back after move to Disney+

Dancing with the Stars Season 30 judges
Dancing with the Stars Season 30 judges. Pic credit: ABC

Dancing with the Stars is moving to Disney+, and at least one judge has announced his return, as well as his excitement about the big move.

The move is controversial because the show is moving from a network that is free with an antenna or to people who still subscribe to cable television.

Disney+ is a streaming service, and people who don’t have it or refuse to get it won’t get to see the reality series anymore.

However, one judge thinks this is a great move for the show as it looks to the future where cable TV will become more and more obsolete.

Derek Hough will be back on Dancing with the Stars

“At first, I was like, ‘Wha? What does that mean?!’ But within 10 seconds, I was very, very excited about it,” Derek told ET Online. “I think that’s where a lot of things are moving toward.”

He then said this is not unusual for Dancing with the Stars, which is often leading the way for reality TV shows.

“Dancing With the Stars has always been a trailblazer, they’ve always been the first to do things,” he said. “So to move into this area is very bold, very brave, and I’m very excited about it, to be a part of that new phase in television!”

Derek also said that the move to a streaming service – as the first reality competition series to ever go live streaming – will make the show better in the future, pointing out the lack of commercial breaks and the other trappings that come with network television.

“It’s more opportunity for more performances, more dances, more creativity… so I’m excited about that too,” he explained.

Finally, he said that he will be back for Season 31, and he isn’t the only one, saying, “I’m sure a lot of familiar faces will be there, of course.”

Tyra Banks rumored to be off DWTS after Disney+ move

There are rumors that Tyra Banks is not returning to Dancing with the Stars after the move to Disney+.

Tyra has already lined up a possible replacement as she is headed to the big screen for the remake of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead.

As for the dancers, fans won’t likely know who is returning until later this year, and the pros don’t even know if they are coming back.

“As far as the show goes, the only information we received of it is we are going to be on a different platform, but as far as like, who’s going to be part of it and even ourselves as dancers, I’m not sure,” Artem, Chigvintsev said.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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