Tyra Banks reportedly out after Dancing with the Stars moves to Disney+

Tyra Banks on Dancing with the Stars
Tyra Banks on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

When Dancing with the Stars moves to Disney+ for its Season 31, expect plenty of changes.

The show has a chance to really increase its footprint, with 125 million people who subscribe to Disney+ while those who stick with the more expensive cable television deals are dwindling by the year.

With such a big opportunity, there is a good chance that DWTS goes all out to show the younger audience on streaming services why they should be watching.

However, for long-time fans, there is another change that will make many of them happy.

It looks like the move to Disney+ will also push Tyra Banks out of her hosting duties.

Tyra Banks reportedly leaving DWTS as host

The Sun reported that Tyra Banks will not return as the host for Dancing with the Stars when it moves to Disney+ for its next season.

The site indicates there is no word on who the host in Season 31 will be, but it looks like Tyra is finished with her role as host of the show. It is also said to be Disney’s decision and not the decision of Tyra, who is one of the executive producers.

There was a lot of concern about the ratings the show received, which was a series low.

While there was concern at one point about the celebs dancing on the show, it appears that the network is not blaming the celebrities but the presentation of the show itself.

One of the biggest complaints about Tyra Banks is that she often seemed to make the show about herself. She came out in extravagant dresses and costumes and often took the attention of the viewers away from the dancers.

She was also different from past host Tom Bergeron. While he interviewed the contestants and let the judges talk, Tyra often spoke over the dancers and judges and made her own comments about the performances. She would then cut off the judges, telling them they were out of time.

With that in mind, one executive producer was already let go and Disney wants to revitalize the show as it comes to the streaming service.

Why is Dancing with the Stars moving to Disney+?

While many people have complained about the move, it is mostly older fans who still pay for cable television services who are not happy.

On the other hand, younger audiences who have dumped pricey cable and are now living a streaming life will have a chance to see the show on Disney+.

For Season 30, Dancing with the Stars only brought in around 5 million viewers an episode. That was a franchise low and was something ABC wasn’t willing to deal with anymore.

However, Disney owns ABC and Disney+ and knew that bringing Dancing with the Stars to the streaming service could revitalize it. There are 125 million Disney+ subscribers, so there is a chance to boost ratings significantly.

It should also be huge for Disney+. The streaming service only costs $8 a month and has brought in younger fans who love Marvel movies and TV shows, those fans who love Star Wars, and kids who love the Pixar and Disney Animation movies.

This allows the service to now bring in those viewers who love reality competition shows, and since DWTS will be live every week, it will make Disney+ the first service to have a live competition show streaming.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to Disney+.

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1 year ago

Very happy to hear Tyra is gone but I will miss watching the show. I have never missed a season but Im not going to pay for disney plus when I was able to see the show for free on our local abc channel. By moving the show off the network you not only loose the cable watchers but those of us who still use a digital antenna for viewing. Great job disney .

1 year ago

If she is gone, I will watch.

1 year ago

If Jojo stays on and they keep this up same sex, Disney I don’t agree with them! I won’t be watching! I am not for this all coming out of the closet and so on!