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Dancing With the Stars fans destroy Tyra Banks’ Week 2 fashion choice

Tyra Banks on DWTS
Tyra Banks on DWTS. Pic credit: ABC

Tyra Banks has developed a reputation for wardrobe changes on Dancing With the Stars.

One of her dresses on the second episode of DWTS had fans in rare form on social media.

Tyra Banks came out in a very big red dress and fans on Twitter were savage.

Twitter reacts to Tyra Banks DWTS dress

As soon as Tyra Banks came out in the giant dress, Twitter was flooded with comments.

There have been a lot of people on social media who have disliked everything about Tyra Banks’s appearance on the show, from her runway-styled appearances to her constant talking to her dresses.

It all started when Dancing With the Stars fans started posting a photo of her dress on Twitter, asking what was going on with this new dress.

More than one person posted a photo comparing the dress to a turkey’s feathers.

Yet another DWTS fan compared it to a “whole church fan.”

Some of the best comments came when fans compared her dress to the Dilophosaurus from the Jurassic Park movie – the one who spit acid in people’s faces.

Just posting the dinosaur and tagging Dancing With the Stars was all it took for people to know this was about Tyra Banks.

There was also a “who wore it better” joke comparing what Tyra Banks was wearing to a shower scrunchie.

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Another actually found a fun comparison, writing, “Saw Tyra’s dress and immediately thought of the old Renuzit Freshell.”

Dancing With the Stars Week 2

Dancing With the Stars had a lot going on in Week 2, and Tyra Banks’s questionable dress just added to it.

Cheryl Burke had to into quarantine when she tested positive for COVID-19, which threw things off.

This was very awkward for Tyra Banks when she came out to announce it, but the people running the cheer track kept the loud cheering while she announced the terrible news.

The good news is that Cheryl and Cody Rigsby had a chance to compete using their rehearsal footage to get scores and votes from the fans.

There were also great dances, with the fans having some great performances to vote on, with more than one 30+ score this week.

However, Tyra’s dress left fans with something to rage on as well.

Dancing With the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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13 thoughts on “Dancing With the Stars fans destroy Tyra Banks’ Week 2 fashion choice”

    • That’s exactly how I feel. Tom was a class act and did his job so well. She thinks the show is about her and her fashion statements. I love dancing with the stars but I’m so tired of seeing Tara I’m gonna stop watching the show. I just can’t take it anymore.

      • I agree. This is not a fashion show or about Tyra. Not only is her fashion choice annoying, even her walk on stage at the beginning of the show, but her comments. Why does she have to have a dress change half-way through the program. She is an awful host and the show has gone downhill with her appearance. I like to watch the dancing, not Tyra. I will try to fast forward when she is appearing.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for this comment. Also I’m disgusted by them shoving a same sex partnership down our throats. This is supposed to be prime time family friendly.

  1. One of the most horrible actress/talk show people in the business. I did not watch DWTS last season and have not this season due to her. I see clips of the dancers, which is good,

  2. I could stomach her as the host if she would just look in the mirror before she decided on her dresses. She was a super model and presumably would know what does and what doesn’t flatter her body. There is absolutely no need for her to come out in too short, too tight dresses strutting like she is in a runway show. This isn’t the Tyra Banks Coutoure show; it is Dancing with the Stars. Let’s go back to making it about the stars competing and their dancing.


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Tyra Banks on Dancing With the Stars
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