Dale Moss is single: Would he make a great Bachelor lead for the 2022 season?

Dale Moss
Could Dale Moss make a great Bachelor lead next season? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Dale Moss is a single man.

Dale took a chance to find love on this past season of The Bachelorette and after 12 days, Clare Crawley was determined to make it work with him.

He realized that she was serious when she shut down production and sent everyone else home.

Dale was confronted by Chris Harrison – if he wanted to be with Clare, he had to propose.

Despite saying that he never had any doubts, fans thought he looked scared at the thought of getting engaged.

Did Dale Moss set the stage for more Bachelor shows?

Of course, Dale was a favorite on Clare’s season because he was the one who did what Clare wanted – a proposal.

But now that he’s a single man, fans are wondering if ABC would consider giving him the lead for the 2022 season of the show.

Matt James is currently The Bachelor, as the first person of color to ever hold the spot. Dale could definitely be the second person.



Dale appears to fit the mold. He used to play in the NFL, he’s a model, and he has a YouTube channel. He also does charity work and he is a family guy.

Dale Moss had a very public relationship with Clare Crawley

One of the reasons why fans may be pushing for Dale to become the next Bachelor is that he had a very public relationship with Clare. Fans feel as if they know him now and they understand what’s important to him.

His family and his religion are important elements of his life, including giving back to the community.

Mike Johnson revealed that Dale would be making a mistake if he was using Clare for fame and attention. We don’t really know what happened between them to cause them to break up, but fans are hoping that Dale didn’t use her for fame.

However, Dale started going on Instagram every day and continued this even though he and Clare had just broken up.

In November, Dale and Clare started a YouTube channel together, but they never got to make any videos.

ABC hasn’t revealed what plans they have for the 2022 season, but they definitely have plenty of options.

It may be too soon for Dale to speak out about whether he would be interested in going on Bachelor In Paradise, but that opportunity is still months away.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.