Dale Moss is accused of staging paparazzi run-in and cheating on Clare Crawley during Bachelorette engagement

Dale Moss
Dale Moss is being accused of staging the paparazzi run-in in New York City. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Dale Moss announced on Tuesday that he and Clare Crawley had split up.

While fans were surprised to hear that the couple, who had gotten engaged after 12 days, was no more, the news didn’t come as a big shock as rumors had started to circulate online.

Last week, Dale and Clare had spent time together at an oceanfront apartment where Dale’s cousin had stopped by.

Something supposedly happened, causing Clare to unfollow the cousin on social media. The cousin also unfollowed Clare and within days, Dale revealed that they were done.

Dale Moss is being accused of staging a paparazzi meeting

Dale was spotted by the paparazzi this week in New York City after he revealed he and Clare had split up.

He was more than eager to talk to the reporter, who asked him why the two ended their engagement.

Dale shared that they had a lot going on right now and it was best for the both of them. However, Bachelorette fans were quick to point out that the guy interviewing Dale was a guy named @adamglyn on social media, who happens to have mutual friends with Dale.

Fans are convinced that this “run-in” with the paparazzi was staged.

Dale Moss
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Dale was also accused of archiving his breakup post and then bringing it back online again, causing more headlines about why he would do such a thing.

Dale Moss
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

It was Dale who broke the news on January 19 that the two had broken up. During his talk with the paparazzi, he was asked if he wanted to be the next Bachelor. With all of this information coming out, it seems he’s doing whatever he can for more publicity.

Dale Moss is being accused of cheating on Clare Crawley

But that’s not all.

This morning, Dale is being accused of cheating on Clare – not just one time, but through their entire engagement.

According to E! News, there is a woman in question. They are choosing to leave her anonymous, but the woman is saying that Dale called Clare a business relationship.

“Clare has always been skeptical,” a source told E! News, adding, “She never trusted the friendship and thought it was shady.”

A source told E! News that the woman had been sneaking around and seeing Dale. As for Clare, she has seen the proof. Whenever he was in New York City alone, he was with the other woman.

In fact, he was spotted with someone, having a candlelit dinner at Cipriani Downtown in New York City.

Another source revealed that Clare was starting to realize that Dale wanted it for the fame, not for Clare. And that’s all she wanted – someone to show up for her.

As it turns out, Clare had her suspicions.

“Dale would always reassure Clare that it was nothing serious,” the source explained, but “multiple people have told Clare that Dale was parading around NYC with this girl.”

“Clare would confront him about his relationship and tried to question him about it, but he would always deny it.”

While Dale was originally seen as the perfect guy, he could now be heading down the path of the worst Bachelorette contestant in the history of the franchise if everything above is true.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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