Dale Moss announces the end of his relationship with Clare Crawley: What went wrong?

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley
Dale Moss and Clare Crawley have broken up. Pic credit: ABC

Another Bachelorette couple is calling it quits.

The news broke late this afternoon as Dale Moss revealed that he and Clare Crawley are calling it quits after about six months.

The two got engaged on The Bachelorette finale after just 12 days of Clare getting to know him along with over 30 other men.

Even though Clare felt that she had met her future husband, it sounds like she may have been wrong in her guess.

This afternoon, Dale decided to announce that he and Clare had split up.

Dale Moss issues a statement about the breakup

Dale’s statement revealed that he and Clare had decided to go their separate ways. He also revealed that while they appreciate the love and support, it is the best decision for both of them.

“I wanted to share with you all that Clare and I have decided to go our separate ways. We appreciate the love and support we’ve received from so many people, but this is the healthiest decision for both of us at this time,” read the statement from Dale.

“We strongly believe in leading with love and always remaining true to oneself – something our families have taught and instilled in us throughout our lives. We only hope the best things for one another.”

Dale’s written post on Instagram had the additional statement, “Please respect our privacy as we work through this together.”

Dale Moss
Pic credit: @dalemoss13/Instagram

His statement didn’t reveal what went wrong, but others have started to speak out about what was going on behind closed doors.

Dale Moss and Clare Clare were followed by breakup rumors for days

The Bachelorette fans started to pick up on the fact that Dale and Clare had experienced some trouble over the past couple of days.

Over the weekend, Clare and Dale spent time together at the oceanfront apartment where they had spent time together several times.

This weekend, Dale’s cousin was with them. Something happened, causing Clare to unfollow this cousin. The move was reciprocated by the cousin. The cousin also wrote something along the lines of everyone knowing their secret.

Dale focused on his family yesterday for Martin Luther King Jr day rather than addressing the rumors.

Now, a source is speaking out, revealing that where there is smoke, there is fire.

“Clare and Dale have been fighting a lot recently,” a source told E! News prior to Dale’s statement.

“They are mainly in disagreement over lifestyle preferences. Dale wants to be in a lively city and focus on his career, and Clare is rooted in Sacramento to help care for her mom. It’s been very tense recently between them.”

The sources added that Dale “feels like he’s rushing into something he’s unsure about.”

Clare really wanted to settle down, get married and have kids. Dale may not have wanted to rush things.

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