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Dale Moss claps back after The Bachelorette critic reminds him not to skip leg day

Dale Moss wears a suit and tie and smiles before proposing
Dale Moss smiles big before proposing to Clare. Pic credit: ABC

Ever since Dale Moss first appeared on Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette he’s been under scrutiny. 

Whether it be during The Bachelorette Season 16 when the men in the house used a group date to deliberately roast him, or fans who questioned Dale’s authenticity, and the legitimacy of his rapidly fast love affair with Clare, Dale is no stranger to critique and disses. 

So when Dale recently posted a video of his golf date with Clare, he was instantly ready to fire back at a commenter who tried to throw shade at his physique. 

Dale shows off his muscles while golfing 

Dale and Clare are not shy when it comes to PDA and sharing their lives with fans. After quickly getting engaged, then briefly breaking up and going public with their miscommunication during their time apart, Dale and Clare found their way back to each other and appear to be as in love as ever. 

The couple recently let their followers get a glimpse of the fun they had while going out golfing at night. 

Under the comments of Dale’s golf-date post a critic wrote, “FYI LEG DAYS are just as important as other parts of your body.”

Clearly, the commenter was shadily remarking on how they felt Dale’s legs appeared to be skinner and less fit than the rest of his body. 

Rather than take the comment too seriously, Dale responded with a lighthearted clap back. 

He wrote directly to the commenter, first using a laughing emoji and then sating, “from looking at a calf muscle.” 

Dale clearly found it amusing that this commenter would critique both his body and make assumptions about his workout routine all from a 21 second video at a specific angle. 

Screenshot from Dale Moss' IG.
Pic credit: @dalemoss13/Instagram

Dale’s unbothered by the haters 

Overall Dale appeared unfazed by the insult and casually called the commenter out for making a practically baseless and frivolous critique. 

Being a part of The Bachelor franchise often means facing a ton of attention, backlash, and disapproval from viewers, and Dale appears to have gotten used to being in the limelight and finds humor in being roasted. 

While some people made shady remarks about Dale’s appearance under the post, many commenters appeared supportive and even complimented Dale on his toned legs. 

Dale may or may not skip leg day, but he clearly doesn’t skip a beat when receiving unwarranted slander. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.