Cynthia Bailey health update: RHOA star on WWHL just before Andy Cohen got coronavirus

Cynthia Bailey gives health status after exposure to Andy Cohen, who has coronavirus.
Cynthia Bailey gives health status after exposure to Andy Cohen, who has coronavirus. Pic credit: © Photos

Real Housewives of Atlan star Cynthia Bailey is sharing just how she’s doing when it comes to her health.

Why is the RHOA star’s health update so important right now? Because Cynthia is among the Real Housewives who filmed Watch What Happens Live just before Andy Cohen tested positive for coronavirus.

Cynthia Bailey spent time with Andy Cohen just before he tested positive for coronavirus

When Bravo TV fans learned that Watch What Happens Live host and Real Housewives producer/reunion maestro Andy had received test results showing he has coronavirus, they expressed concern for Cohen and sent him positive wishes.

But some fans were worried about more than just Andy. Cohen is known for his celebrity-packed Watch What Happens Live episodes, and some Real Housewives were on the show just prior to Andy discovering that he tested positive for coronavirus.

One of those WWHL guests, Cynthia, appeared on the show within the past 14 days. Bailey talked with the Shade Room about how she is doing.

The RHOA star also revealed that when she learned about Cohen’s diagnosis, she sent him a text “wishing him a speedy recovery.”

Since spending time with Andy “almost two weeks ago,” Bailey said that she currently feels “fine and have not had any symptoms of the virus.”

As for the other stars on Real Housewives who have also appeared on the show within the last 14 days, Cynthia said that, “as far as I know, the others ladies are good.”

Bailey also shared that all of them “continue to send our prayers to Andy and hope he makes a speedy recovery.”

When would coronavirus symptoms show for celebrities such as Cynthia Bailey who spent time with Andy Cohen?

For Cynthia and other celebrities who spent time with Andy before he learned that he had coronavirus, the big question is how long they should wait and stay in isolation after having been exposed? And what should they know about the coronavirus symptoms?

Bailey is almost in the safe zone when it comes to the days that have passed since she was exposed without symptoms.

The symptoms of coronavirus typically begin at any point between two days to two weeks after someone has been exposed to the virus, according to CNN.

As for the symptoms that Cynthia and other Watch What Happens Live guests should watch for, the shortlist includes fever and some sort of respiratory distress, infectious disease expert Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventative medicine and infectious disease at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, told the news station.

“We’re emphasizing fever plus a notable lower respiratory tract symptom — cough or trouble breathing,” clarified Dr. Schaffner.

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