Vicki Gunvalson says new show with Tamra Judge is Bravo’s idea: Andy Cohen plans RHOC spin-off?

Vicki Gunvalson on WWHL
Vicki Gunvalson isn’t taking credit for her new show. Pic credit: Bravo

Vicki Gunvalson, the OG (Original Girl) of the Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC), stole the spotlight from cast members when she announced that she was exiting the show.

With Tamra Judge joining Vicki in the exit excitement, fans wondered what Gunvalson and Judge would do without their well-paid Bravo TV gigs.

Vicki didn’t keep her fans (and frenemies) in suspense for long, soon turning to her social media platform on Instagram to drop clues about her plans to team up with Tamra for a new reality TV show.

Why is Vicki Gunvalson filming a new reality TV show with Tamra Judge?

After the drama of her departure from RHOC, Gunvalson made it clear that she was frustrated with what she termed, in an interview with People magazine, a “really toxic” environment.

Vicki declared herself “ready to go,” explaining that she wanted to stop the “mean girls” act and the criticism about her appearance.

“Halfway through last year, when my castmate was criticizing my appearance and calling me ugly, I really had a revelation. ‘What, am I going to cry every day because you think I’m less than?'” she asked. “I just had to get away from it and say, ‘You can’t hurt me anymore. No one can hurt me.'”

With Gunvalson vowing to steer away from RHOC, why would she want to return to reality TV? Vicki had another confession.

“I had a little bit of FOMO [Fear of Missing Out], I have to say, of not filming right now,” confessed Gunvalson.

And that FOMO led to Vicki teaming up with Tamra for a new show.

Both Tamra and Vicki have dropped clues about the new series on social media.

Vicki Gunvalson reveals that Bravo TV came up with the idea

Despite clues about the new show, neither Gunvalson nor Judge has been specific about the focus of their series.

However, as Showbiz Cheatsheet pointed out, Vicki did reveal who came up with the idea during the March 5, 2020 premiere of her podcast, Whoop It Up With Vicki.

“Bravo did approach me with a new show,” admitted Gunvalson. “It looks like I’ll be going on that. [It’s] really exciting who’s going to be on that with me.”

Vicki did not, however, reveal whether Bravo TV asked Gunvalson and Tamra to do an RHOC spin-off starring just the two Real Housewives alums.

Vicki Gunvalson credits herself for creating Real Housewives

However, she did share that she questioned Bravo TV producer and Real Housewives reunion maestro Andy Cohen about why RHOC fired her.

“He says, ‘I didn’t fire you,'” clarified Vicki.

And she indicated that Cohen is involved in the new reality TV series with Tamra, adding that Andy told her, “You’re going to be on another show, just stayed tuned. There’s a lot of stuff coming up for you. We just needed to shift it up.”

Vicki also gave herself credit for inventing RHOC and the entire Real Housewives franchise.

She called the conversation with Cohen “a tough pill to swallow for somebody that created this show and created the franchise.”

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