Kristen Bell shows Instagram four steps to receive and open packages safely amid coronavirus pandemic

Kristen Bell shares her four-step safety procedure for opening delivered packages safely amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Kristen Bell shares her four-step safety procedure for opening delivered packages safely amid the coronavirus pandemic. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Kristen Bell has become the role model we need when it comes to safely opening packages from companies such as Amazon amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many celebrities are commenting on the crisis, such as Real Housewives of Orange County alum Vicki Gunvalson. Bell is offering practical information we can all use.

Turning to Instagram, the actress and comedienne shared what’s needed to keep you and your family safe when you receive a package from the outside world.

Kristen Bell shares her four-step safe procedure for opening delivered packages on Instagram

Many country’s leaders are requesting their citizens to stay inside to avoid spreading coronavirus.

Ordering food and other essentials and having them delivered to your doorstep seems like the perfect alternative to going to the grocery store.

But before you open your door and bring in another box, consider the question that some are now asking. Can coronavirus germs linger on materials such as cardboard?

Kristen answered the question on her Instagram, noting that the advice is based on what public health officials and physicians advise.

Here are the four steps that Bell recommends, based on the experts’ advice:

  1. Ask the delivery person to leave the box outside.
  2. Put on gloves to open the package outside.
  3. Toss out the package and glove outdoors.
  4. Wipe down the contents of the package with disinfectant outside before bringing the contents inside.

And there’s one more important instruction from Dax Shephard’s wife.

“Also, I say a big thanks to the delivery person who is very busy supporting everyone now,” finished up Kristen.

Do experts agree with Kristen Bell about accepting deliveries safely into your home amid coronavirus pandemic?

If you live in an area with some sun, Bell also had an optional suggestion.

“I’m told you can also opt to leave your external clothing outside if you live where there is some sun,” noted Kristen.

However, experts focused on a key element that doesn’t involve leaving boxes (or clothing) outside.

An infectious disease doctor at Yale, Dr. Joseph Vinetz, told the Today show that washing your hands remains the best protection of all, whether you’re opening a letter or a package from Amazon.

“Letter carriers and mailboxes just don’t seem to be the most important or even any relevant aspect of COVID-19 transmission,” clarified Vinetz.

“But it’s reasonable just to wash your hands several times a day — any time you’re contacting something that comes in from outside your home.”

If you want, you can also use an antibacterial wipe on your mailbox, added the infectious disease doctor.

And above all, when you go outside and bring in a package, take 20 seconds minimum to wash your hands with soap and water, emphasized Vinetz.

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