Craig Conover teases Southern Charm Season 10: ‘I don’t think anyone will be let down’

Craig Conover on Season 9 of Southern Charm
Craig Conover teased what Season 10 of Southern Charm will bring. Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm is gearing up for a monumental season.

Season 10 is currently being filmed or has recently wrapped up, giving viewers a chance to absorb everything so they know what to expect when it returns later this year.

Shep Rose and Craig Conover are the only two original cast members left. Kathryn Dennis made it through eight seasons before she was fired.

Recently, a few of the Southern Charm girls hung out together and shared a video as they hung out with the newbies. Salley Carson and Molly O’Connell will join the cast for Season 10, adding a new layer of fun.

The Season 9 reunion left some viewers wondering whether Shep would return. His bombshell admission to struggling with alcohol surprised viewers, while his friends voiced their concerns.

Thankfully, we have Craig to spill some of the tea about Season 10 ahead of the season.

Craig Conover talks about Southern Charm Season 10

While promoting a partnership, Craig Conover spoke with US Weekly about what to expect from Season 10 of Southern Charm.

He addressed viewers watching him go through his 20s and 30s on the show. An entire decade has passed, and his evolution has been documented on the hit Bravo show.

Craig revealed that some of that will be discussed during Season 10, promising he doesn’t think “anyone will be let down” by what’s coming up.

His relationship with Shep Rose was also a topic of conversation. The two have walked through 10 seasons, and Craig helped him realize that the party scene isn’t always the best place.

The Southern Charm star said, “I think sharing more of our lives that’s outside that party scene is more important now than ever. I think it’ll be exciting to see.”

Where do Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo stand?

There have been slight rumblings about trouble in paradise for Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo, but it seems there wasn’t any truth there.

Craig revealed that things are great with Paige. They enjoy filming each other’s Bravo shows. She goes to Charleston to film with her, and he occasionally pops up on Summer House with her.

The next step would be for the couple to be engaged, which we hope happens soon. They have talked about marriage and a family, but he didn’t elaborate on a time frame.

Expect Craig to be a huge part of the upcoming season, especially as an original cast member.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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