Counting On fans troll the Duggars after they share photo of Jackson and his dead deer

Tyler Hutchins and Jackson Duggar.
Jackson Duggar shot a deer and Jim Bob and Michelle showed it off. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar family took to Instagram to show off Jackson Duggar’s kill. 

He ended up with a decent-sized deer just as the season opened in Arkansas. 

Unfortunately for the Duggars, the post didn’t go over well with followers. While some praised the teenager for his trophy, others were disgusted that Jim Bob and Michelle would post something like this. 

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Counting On fans joke about the Duggars not having a PR team 

On Instagram, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared Jackson’s accomplishment. 

They wrote, “Jackson got a nice buck on Saturday, the opening day of gun season here in Arkansas! We’ve already enjoyed some of the meat from his harvest! Deer jerky is one of our favorites to make. Jackson is a good shot, and becoming a great cook, too! ?‍?”

In the comment section, Counting On fans weren’t thrilled with the choice of photo shared by the Duggars. 

One wrote, “Tell me you don’t have a PR team without telling me you don’t a PR team.”

Another said, “Y’all need to take a minute off social media .. feel the room!”

One more chimed in with, “This isn’t it . Nope nope nope !!”

Jackson and the deer he killed.
Pic credit: @duggarfam/Instagram

The Duggars get more active on social media 

For a while, the Duggar family Instagram account was pretty quiet. 

They occasionally posted an update about traveling or what the younger children were doing, but this week, they’ve shared two separate posts. 

Johannah Duggar got a lot of attention when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared a photo of her next to Jason Duggar as they waited to eat at Cracker Barrell over the weekend. 

Their story today also included a repost of Anna Duggar’s announcement of the arrival of her and Josh’s seventh child. They welcomed a baby girl. 

It is clear the Duggars aren’t sure what to do with their social media. In two weeks, Josh Duggar will go to trial for two counts of child pornography charges. Followers are focused on that and what the outcome will be. 

Sharing Jackson Duggar’s kill may have been a distraction, though. Jim Bob Duggar is running for political office, and there has to be someone helping to manage his campaign. This was just what the family needed to take the focus off Josh and the upcoming trial and to get followers fighting among themselves in the comment section.

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