Counting On fans think Joy-Anna Duggar could ‘pass for Jessa’s twin’

Joy-Anna and Jessa Duggar.
Joy-Anna Duggar shared a new photo and Counting On fans think she looks like Jessa Duggar. Pic credit: TLC

Joy-Anna Duggar has been dressing more girly and showing off just how pretty she is these days. 

She has been a tomboy for most of her life. Joy-Anna was born sandwiched between brothers, which aided in her love of the outdoors and sports. 

Recently, though, the Counting On star has been showing off her girly side, and followers love every minute of it. She’s still got her tomboyish wardrobe, but more pieces are being added that show a more feminine side to the reality TV star. 

Counting On fans think Joy-Anna Duggar looks like ‘Jessa’s twin’ 

On Instagram, Joy-Anna Duggar shared a simple photo of herself. That’s all it took to get Counting On fans buzzing in the comments. 

The reality TV star captioned it with an emoji; no words needed. 

The comment section lit up. Some of the comments were about how gorgeous Joy-Anna Duggar looked, and others gushed over how much she looks like her big sister, Jessa Duggar. 

One commenter wrote, “You could pass for Jessa’s twin. You’re beautiful”

Another said, “she does look a lot like Jessa.”

And one more agreed, saying, “that was my comment too lol”

Comments from Joy-Anna Duggar's IG post.
Pic credit: @joy4site/Instagram

What is Joy-Anna Duggar up to? 

Since Counting On is no longer filming, Joy-Anna Duggar has done a good job of keeping her followers up to date with what is happening in her life and what is going on with her children.

She and Austin Forsyth have been spending a lot of time with their kids, Gideon and Evelyn Mae. The couple enjoys the outdoors, and they are training their children to have that same enthusiasm. 

Joy-Anna and Austin also spent some time together without the kids when they attended Nathan Bates’ wedding last month. The couple documented some of their trip, including their wedding attire and some of their sightseeing while on their short getaway to Pennsylvania.  

There has been some sickness in the Forsyth household recently. Joy-Anna Duggar shared a photo of herself getting coffee and some of the mess in the house as several family members were ill. She didn’t elaborate on what they fell sick with, but it wasn’t fun for her or others. 

As Joy-Anna Duggar embraces her more feminine side, Counting On fans can’t help but notice that she resembles her sister, Jessa Duggar.

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