Connor B and Greg are The Bachelorette bromance that viewers are living for

Connor Brennan and Greg Grippo
The Bachelorette viewers can’t get enough of Greg Grippo and Connor Brennan’s bromance on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette Pic credit: ABC

While Katie Thurston may be The Bachelorette lead, Greg Grippo and Connor Brennan have been stealing the spotlight with their bromance.

Greg and Connor have been frontrunners in the pursuit of Katie’s love but they have also been building an undeniable friendship along the way that Bachelor Nation can’t get enough of.

For context, Greg is the contestant who received Katie’s first impression rose and first one-on-one date, and Connor is the one who showed up in a cat costume, plays the ukelele, and wears impressively low-cut shirts.

Viewers are very appreciative of all the Connor B and Greg content that the producers have provided.

Several took to Twitter to voice their support.

Greg and Connor B’s bromance is next level

The Bachelorette viewers took extra special note of Connor and Greg’s bromance during the most recent episode.

The two shared a moment after Blake Moynes entered the competition.

Connor was asking Greg if he thought Blake could be a serious contender and Greg worriedly responded, “Yeah. A big one.”

Viewers loved how the two consoled and supported each other amid the drama.

One user exclaimed, “I stan this Connor-Greg friendship!”

Another viewer noted that the dynamic between Connor and Greg goes beyond friendship.

“Let’s be honest, I ship Greg and Connor,” they wrote.

Tweets about Connor and Greg's friendship
Pic credit: @DJSmolBean/Twitcter

A third viewer urged the producers to add even more of Greg and Connor’s bromance.

Meanwhile, another viewer went as far as to request a season of The Bachelor solely dedicated to Greg and Connor.

“All we want is a season of #TheBachelor where Greg and Connor B. help each other find love,” they tweeted.

The Bachelorette fans couldn’t get enough of Greg and Connor cuddling on the couch

Greg and Connor took their bromance to the next level for all to see. The two were caught canoodling on the couch.

They weren’t merely sitting side by side. Rather, they were laying together ad Greg wrapped one arm around Connor and was seemingly caressing his head with the other.

“My favorite moment last night was Greg and Connor cuddling on the couch,” one fan enthused.

Another viewer claimed that Greg and Connor seemed to have a stronger connection than Katie and any of the men on the show.

“Greg and Connor spooning on the couch is the couple with the most chemistry on this show,” the viewer expressed.

Tweets about Connor and Greg's friendship
Pic credit: @iDemops/Twitter

Meanwhile, a third viewer appreciated the wholesomeness of the moment.


Tweets about Connor and Greg's friendship
Pic credit: @AndiePabon/Twitter

Viewers are hoping that Greg or Connor don’t outlast the other so that this bromance can live on. They’ll just have to keep watching The Bachelorette to see if that comes true.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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