Colton Underwood denies trying to make money from his breakup despite Cassie Randolph’s accusations

Colton and Cassie
Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph’s breakup issues continue to play out in the media. Pic credit: ABC

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph announced that they had split up earlier this summer, which came as a surprise to fans.

Colton and Cassie had spent time together in quarantine and they had battled COVID-19, as Colton was one of the first reality television stars to announce he had caught the virus.

After coming out the other side, the pair were only together for a couple of weeks before announcing that they were splitting up after being together for about 18 months.

However, their breakup is quickly turning messy in the media.

Colton Underwood denies that he’s trying to ‘monetize’ their breakup

Last week, Colton was accused of telling Cassie that he would “monetize” their breakup because she wasn’t keeping her part of their deal.

Apparently, they had an agreement not to talk about their split and they didn’t want people to know the details about their relationship or personal troubles. But by Cassie going on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever, Colton saw it as her not upholding her end of the deal.

So, when she spoke out about it, he fired back. And that’s when Cassie accused Colton of saying he would monetize their split.

“Her accusations are simply not true,” Colton’s rep said in a statement, denying that the reality star would ever do such a thing.

Even though Cassie tried to avoid any questions about their relationship, it was clear that she was holding something back. At the time, Cassie hinted that there was more to their split than they had initially shared.

Colton broke his silence about the split after Cassie sat down with Chris Harrison for an interview for The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever, sharing on Instagram that things had changed for him.

“When our relationship ended we agreed to handle things as privately as possible as we attempted to navigate our new relationship as friends,” Colton posted on Instagram after Cassie’s interview. “I chose to do that since we were living in this interim period, but obviously a lot changed this week.”

Cassie said Colton Underwood wanted to make money off their split

It’s uncertain what Colton had supposedly said to make Cassie think that he was going to make money on their split — but it sounds like he may have been considering writing an additional chapter for his book, which has just been released.

The accusation was shared by Cassie in an Instagram Story last week. She wrote, “I would like to place on public record & ask you politely to refrain from discussing our relationship, as we agreed.

“I would also like to ask that you don’t cloud our great, 1 ½ year relationship with a messy breakup. We both know that we had a great relationship and there are not many details to discuss.”

She went on, “On Monday evening, you informed me you intend to monetize our breakup by writing a new chapter to discuss your experience with COVID (Where you stayed in my family’s house during your recovery) & about our break up.

“You have also refused to give me any sort of approval on the chapter that you will be writing, which will heavily feature me. (A little insight as to why I was so frustrated on my stories that evening). This seems a bit unfair to me. Colton, you can do what you want, but please do not have a double standard.”

Reality Steve
Reality Steve shares Cassie’s post. Pic credit: @realitysteve/Instagram

So even though Colton and Cassie agreed to stick together and weather the storm, it seems they are slowly starting to point fingers and argue about who was right and wrong when it came to their relationship — and their split.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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