Cody Nickson calls health crisis ‘scamdemic,’ makes ‘victim noises’ online

Cody Nickson and Julie Chen
Cody Nickson was on Big Brother 19. Pic credit: CBS

Cody Nickson might not win America’s Favorite Player if he ever plays Big Brother again.

The former BB19 cast member has been making a lot of waves on social media with his views of the pandemic that continues to grip the country.

That continued when he offered a discount through one of the brands that he works with through a sponsorship deal this past week.

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We aren’t going to share the brand that Cody is pedaling, as it’s not too important to the story, but rather relay what he has been saying about the pandemic and why he relishes “triggering” people on social media.

In an Instagram Story he recently posted, Cody let people know that they could get a $1 discount on the product he was hocking by using the code “SCAMDEMIC” when they were checking out.

Cody’s joke not taken well by social media

What some people called a “hot take” from Cody was not taken very well by users of the Big Brother Reddit page. Many people had a negative response to that and another quote that he made during a separate Instagram Story.

When Cody was told by one of his followers that he was being criticized on Twitter for his “scamdemic” deal, he said, “Oh good… when Twitter is against you, you are typically on the correct side of things. They absolutely despise anybody who believes in God.”

He finished it off by saying, “We talk about God a lot here so I imagine we live rent free in a lot of their heads.”

Cody making it religious landed about as well as you might have expected in the world of social media and Reddit.

One Reddit user wrote, “I’m not trying to be anti religion here, but what’s with evangelical Christians and having the biggest victim complex out there?”

In response to that post, another person simply posted “victim noises.”

The term “victim noises” comes from Cody himself, who used the term to describe other people inside the Big Brother house when he was playing the game.

Below is a video of Cody explaining that his term meant “somebody that plays up the dramatics of something.” With that definition, it’s not a surprise at all that Big Brother fans are correlating the term with how Cody has been acting lately.

Cody Nickson Explains 'Victim Noises' | 'Big Brother' 19

And back to those Reddit commenters, where another person wrote, “Haha. He actually thinks people don’t like him because of his belief in God? He’s delusional about so much. He was one of those who said that no one would be talking about Covid after the election – so of course he thinks it’s a scam.”

That comment was followed by someone who wrote, “Narcissism is real and he’s proof of it.”

Cody and Jessica Nickson from Big Brother

Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf met as members of the Big Brother 19 cast. That was the season where Josh Martinez beat out Paul Abrahamian to win the $500,000 prize.

Since that season, Cody and Jessica have had two kids, went out and won The Amazing Race, and have gotten married. They seem to be doing really well in their personal lives.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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