Clayton Echard is ‘feeling dangerous’ on 29th birthday

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard turned 29 over the weekend. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard had an eventful birthday weekend.

The Bachelor Season 26 lead turned 29 and celebrated his birthday with loved ones, including girlfriend Susie Evans.

Clayton also gave his followers a glimpse of his birthday festivities in his latest post as he admitted to feeling ‘dangerous’ at 29.

Clayton Echard feeds animals on 29th birthday

Clayton Echard took to Instagram to recap how he spent his 29th birthday. Clayton posed with friends, animals, and his girlfriend Susie Evans, as he shared a collection of photos and a video. 

Clayton captioned the post, “This weekend, I stood within a foot of a rhino, ate cake in bed and wore denim on denim. Year 29 has me feeling dangerous.” 

Several of the moments mentioned in Clayton’s caption were included in the photos.

The third photo of the post featured Susie lounging in bed while holding up a piece of a chocolate cake covered in sprinkles and turquoise icing. Clayton and Susie also had fun petting a sloth that hung upside down outdoors. And Clayton’s final slide featured an up-close video of a massive rhino being washed and fed. 

Susie Evans celebrates meeting a sloth with Clayton Echard 

Susie Evans shared her own post to capture Clayton’s birthday activities, and her photo even led to some confusion from Bachelor Nation stars that mistook her post for a pregnancy announcement.

In the photo, Susie and Clayton smile widely while on an outdoor path surrounded by trees. Clayton and Susie were dressed up in blue, with Clayton wearing a plaid blazer and gray tee and Susie sporting a flattering soft blue dress. 

Clayton popped champagne in the photo, causing fans and Bachelor Nation stars Nayte Olukoya and Victoria Fuller to comment that they thought the couple was having a baby. 

However, Susie suggested their celebratory photo instead reflected their reaction to learning they would be spending time with sloths. 

Susie captioned her post, “Clayton and my face when we found out we were going to meet a sloth for his birthday!” 

Along with the photo, Susie included a video of Clayton feeding the sloth while laughing as the animal contently chomped down on the treat. Clayton admitted that he didn’t exactly know what he fed the sloth since he was so elated to interact with the animal. 

As Clayton continues to explore his relationship with Susie Evans and his mental health journey, the former Bachelor lead has a lot to look forward to at 29. Happy Birthday, Clayton!

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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